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Best For: site owners to give their users the best visual experience possible



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Best For: developers or agencies to grow their brands and impress clients

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PRO Gallery Features You Can’t Live Without!

9 gallery templates available in this WordPress Gallery plugin

9 Stunning Gallery Templates

Aside from giving you the freedom to create a completely custom gallery using the 9 layouts that come with FooGallery, including the standard responsive, masonry, justified, portfolio, image viewer, and thumbnail.

Then there are the exclusive PRO templates:

Video Support offered for pro version of wordpress gallery plugin

Video Support

FooGallery PRO has full support for videos. This means you can import videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or upload and host your videos locally.

Create mixed galleries with images and videos, or create galleries with only videos if you choose. The inclusion of videos is a landmark characteristic of any top-quality online gallery. Don’t lag behind the competition and make yourself more visible online!

Tag Filtering available in this WordPress gallery plugin

Tag Filtering

FooGallery PRO lets you organize your media using tags or categories in the backend. And then you can add filtering to your galleries in the frontend. Gallery filters are extremely helpful, especially if you plan to upload lots of images to your WordPress site.

The premium version allows you to make your gallery more transparent and user-friendly without having to resort to complicated tools or advanced web development knowledge!

Multi-level filtering

Multi-Level Filtering

Add multiple levels of filters to your gallery. This allows for easier sorting in your frontend gallery and improves user experience (view the demo).

Thanks to multi-level filtering, available in FooGallery PRO, users who visit your online gallery will have more agency over how to sort images on the site just how they like it, without having to abide by the default settings.

  • Multiple levels with multiple filters per level
  • Drag and Drop filters to rearrange the order
  • Easy tagging with the Bulk Taxonomy Manager
Create dynamic galleries from various sources

Dynamic Galleries

Load galleries from other sources! This will make your WordPress photo gallery creation a whole lot smoother. Creating a gallery using the FooGallery plugin is not only a lot easier thanks to this feature, but also a lot more versatile in terms of user experience, for example, if your users or clients would like to showcase images from their own social media profiles.

The FooGallery PRO plugin allows you to create dynamic galleries using images from the below sources.

  • Media Tags
  • Media Categories
  • Server Folders
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Real Media Library
  • Post Queries
FooGallery Feature - Custom Captions

Custom Captions

Build up custom captions with your own HTML and dynamic placeholders. And yes, they also work flawlessly with other popular WordPress gallery plugins like Advanced Custom Fields and Pods. 

View the demo to see why we love this feature so much! It’s incredibly easy to use and will bring your site’s accessibility to the next level!

FooGallery Pro Lightbox

FooGallery PRO Lightbox

The new FooGallery PRO Lightbox comes standard in our premium gallery plugin. The lightbox can be customized to suit your theme or your gallery, and includes plenty of awesome features! Lightbox galleries are some of the most sought-after gallery types, and they enable you to bring out the best of other features.

  • Thumbnail Strip
  • Custom Colors
  • Auto Progress
  • Transitions
  • Versatile Caption Display
FooGallery PRO - Advanced Pagination

Advanced Pagination

FooGallery comes standard with dot paging. Our PRO WordPress photo gallery plugin has advanced paging options to enable page numbering, the popular “load more” button, or even infinite scroll.

WordPress gallery plugin includes advanced effects

Advanced Effects

FooGallery PRO allows you to effortlessly enhance your galleries using a number of subtle effects that take your gallery from amazing to AWESOME. This is without mentioning the more basic features like having a justified image grid. Creating your gallery using FooGallery PRO will help you keep your online presence organized and clear, even if it’s just a single site.

More Awesome Features in our WordPress Gallery Plugin

  • Stunning Gallery Templates
  • Lazy Loading by default
  • Drag and Drop Reordering
  • NextGEN Import Tool
  • Simple Pagination
  • Border Customization
  • Drop shadow customization
  • 6 Loading icons
  • Gutenberg Ready!
  • Instant Gallery Previews
  • Retina Thumbnail Support
  • FooBox Lightbox Support
  • Copy to Clipboard Shortcodes
  • Advanced thumbnail sorting
  • 7 Hover Icons
  • 7 Hover Effects
  • Uses the WP Media Library
  • Custom CSS
  • Albums Built In
  • One-Click Gallery Page Creation
  • Gallery usage metabox
  • Caption Customization
  • Gallery Settings Defaults

What Our Users Have To Say

I went with the FooGallery Pro as I needed a well functioning gallery plugin for my image-heavy website. I know that the market is over-saturated with image gallery plugins, but this particular plugin does not disappoint. I am completely happy with the ease of use and the functionality — I was finally able to implement a custom grid without too much hassle! My photo galleries look awesome. The pricing is also perfectly reasonable for the best WordPress gallery plugin I’ve had the pleasure to work with.”

Brenda Ellison Inspired Recycling

I tried most of the so-called “best WordPress gallery plugins”, and returned ALL of them. Either because they were buggy or didn’t do what I wanted them to do. I found this gallery because it was being used on another website. I bought it and, not only is this gallery awesome (so is FooBox), the support is second to none. Settings are clear, it’s simple to set up and configure a gallery and it looks good! The abundance of features makes upgrading to PRO a no-brainer. Don’t waste your money on another gallery, save yourself the aggravation, use FooGallery!

Michael Little

Michael Little Photography

I’ve used a few gallery options and FooGallery is the best so far. Clean looking, professional options, understandable directions, and my boss is very happy with the results. I was using NextGEN gallery prior to switching to Foo, and I was surprised to see how easily I could import images from one plugin to the other. It’s also fully compatible with my WordPress media library, making the creation of complex photo galleries a breeze! So glad I got the PRO version of the plugin; Foo makes me look good.

Maria Brown


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