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FooGallery Pro allows you to create an amazing video gallery by simply importing videos from YouTube and other sources.

Images courtesy of Pixabay

Video Features

The Video function in FooGallery Pro comes with the following features:

  • Import Videos – easily import video from various platforms, including YouTube, DailyMotion and Facebook
  • URL or Keyword Import – import using a supported URL or a YouTube search term, playlist or video ID
  • Video Icon – select a video-specific icon
  • Sticky Icon – make the video icon sticky, so it always shows in the gallery
  • Lightbox Video Size – set the lightbox dimensions for videos in the gallery
  • Lightbox Autoplay – videos can be set to autoplay (where possible) when opened in a lightbox

With FooGallery Pro, you can add video to any of the gallery templates. You can create a gallery with only videos, or you can add images and videos to your gallery, as we’ve done in the above demo. The hover icons for videos and images are different, or you can choose to make the video icon sticky.

The Import Video feature works with a number of popular video hosting platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and even Facebook. You can search for videos on YouTube using keywords, or add URLs for any of the platforms. Take a look at our FooGallery Pro documentation for more info about importing videos.

The Video feature is included in all of the FooGallery Pro plans.

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