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With FooGallery, you can add various types of paging to your galleries, including Infinite Scroll and Load More options. Paging is a very useful feature, particularly for larger galleries,as it means your users don’t need to load the entire gallery all at once.

Simple Dots Pagination (Free)

This option is available on both FooGallery Free and FooGallery Pro. It allows you to add dots for each page in your gallery, either above, below or above and below your gallery.

With the Simple Dots paging, you can set the number of images that you want to appear on the page, and change the theme of the dots to light or dark. You can find more info about the paging settings here.

Numbered Pagination (PRO)

The Pagination option is available on FooGallery Pro and uses numbers to depict the number of pages in the gallery.

As with the Simple Dots option, you can set the number of images you want to appear on each page. You can also change where the numbers display (top, bottom or both). This option also includes the following features:

Load More Pagination (PRO)

This paging option includes a simple Load More button, that you can hit if you want to see more gallery thumbnails. This is available on FooGallery Pro.

As with the previous two paging types, you can set the number of images that appear at first. Once you hit the Load More button, the next number of images will appear. For example, n this demo, we have set the page size to 3. Every time you click on the button, another 3 images will appear. Once all the images have loaded, the button will disappear.

You can also set the theme of the button to light or dark.

Infinite Scroll Pagination (PRO)

This is available on FooGallery Pro. Using Infinite scroll means images in the gallery only load when you scroll down to them. You will be able to set the initial page size, but following that images will load when scrolled to.

This article gives you some more details on applying infinite scrolling.

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