FooGallery comes with it’s own gallery lightbox. This is built into our premium image gallery, to give you even more customization and flexibility when it comes to styling your images.

Key Features include:

  • Custom Colors
  • Thumbnail Strip
  • Auto Progress
  • and multiple other settings

Click here to see the lightbox in action…

FooGallery Lightbox Features

Custom Colors

Set your theme and choose your colors! Now you can inherit colors from your gallery’s light or dark theme or you can customize the lightbox colors for each gallery.

Thumbnail Strip

Easily view and navigate through the gallery images in the thumbnail strip. Plus, you can add captions to the thumbs!

Auto Progress

Set images to automatically move from one image to the next. The navigation displays a timer and allows users to pause on an image.


Now you can set your lightbox captions to be different from your thumb captions (see the demo below)! You can choose a new title and description, or create custom lightbox captions.
Plus, show captions for your lightbox image, thumbnail strip, both, or not at all! You control how and where captions are displayed.


From caption display to image transitions, you can style the new gallery lightbox to suit your needs.

Learn more about the FooGallery lightbox!

Or check out a different Demo…

Make Your Gallery Even Better

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