WordPress Masonry Gallery

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FooGallery allows you to create a great looking masonry gallery from your WordPress media library in under a minute.

Images courtesy of Pixabay

The masonry template gives your gallery a tiled appearance, placing the images in equal columns. This means your portrait photos will appear larger than the landscape images.

Masonry Gallery with Captions Below

With the masonry gallery, you can make your captions appear below the thumbs, so that they remain visible, even if you don’t hover over them. You can see this in the below gallery, which also uses a dark theme.

You can select the number of columns or leave the gallery to choose the best number for you, given the set width, the number of photos and the space required. You can find out more about the Masonry settings in this article.

The masonry template is included in FooGallery Free, which includes the captions Below Thumbnail feature.

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