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Tired of the built-in gallery baked into WordPress? So were we. It does a great job for simple galleries, but when you need more control and better gallery management for your website, then FooGallery is a great choice. And after using it, we’re sure you’ll agree with us that FooGallery is the Best WordPress Gallery Plugin!

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* The above FooGallery demo has images from Unsplash. The gallery has also been customized with custom CSS, so that it has the same look and feel of our website. You can also do the same with your galleries, by following our simple guide.

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We strongly believe that FooGallery is the best WordPress gallery plugin available on the market today. We have tested all the competition and done the comparisons. We have compared user-friendliness, speed, and image SEO, as well as the final result you see on the frontend. If you are a photographer, website owner, entrepreneur, or you simply just love well-built software that delivers on speed and results, then FooGallery is the right choice for you.

Why not give it a go? You have nothing to lose!

I tried most of the so-called “best WordPress gallery plugins”, and returned ALL of them. Either because they were buggy or didn’t do what I wanted them to do. I found this gallery because it was being used on another website. I bought it and, not only is this gallery awesome (so is FooBox), the support is second to none. Settings are clear, it’s simple to set up and configure a gallery and it looks good! The abundance of features makes upgrading to PRO a no-brainer. Don’t waste your money on another gallery, save yourself the aggravation, use FooGallery!

Brenda Ellison


FooGallery PRO Pricing

PRO Commerce

$99.99 $199.99 $299.99
per year
$12.99 $19.99 $99.99
per month
$259.99 $499.99 $999.99
once off
  • PRO Commerce Features
  • Priority Support
  • Software Updates

Best For: photographers and entrepreneurs who want to make money online

PRO Expert

$69.99 $119.99 $199.99
per year
$8.99 $14.99 $35.99
per month
$199.99 $329.99 $599.99
once off
  • PRO Expert Features
  • Priority Support
  • Software Updates

Best For: photographers who want complete control over their galleries

PRO Starter

$33.99 $69.99 $149.99
per year
$6.99 $10.99 $29.99
per month
$99.99 $199.99 $499.99
once off
  • PRO Starter Features
  • Priority Support
  • Software Updates

Best For: site owners looking for more customization and gallery layouts

Unsure Which Plan Is Right For You?

You can also take a closer look at the different PRO plans and the compare the available features for each:

FooGallery PRO comes in 3 plans: PRO Starter, PRO Expert and PRO Commerce. Check out the features available in each plan below:

PRO Features You Will Love

Besides the long list of amazing features that come with our free WordPress gallery plugin, we have also built some amazing features for those of you looking to take your galleries to the next level. And we realize that not every feature is for everyone, so to make our PRO features available to more people, we have 3 plans to suit most budgets.

FooGallery PRO Starter Features

Our PRO Starter plan is our most affordable plan and includes features that take your WordPress galleries to the next level! PRO Starter is mostly for photographers or website owners that want better-looking galleries and lightboxes.

10 Stunning Gallery Layouts

With 10 gallery layouts, you’ll have the freedom to create a completely custom gallery. Our premium gallery includes the standard responsive, masonry, justified, portfolio, image viewer, and single thumbnail templates.

Then there are three additional, exclusive PRO templates:

9 Stunning Gallery Templates
FooGallery PRO Lightbox

PRO Lightbox

The FooGallery PRO Lightbox comes standard in our premium gallery plugin. The lightbox can be customized to suit your theme or your gallery, and includes plenty of awesome features!

  • Thumbnail Strip
  • Custom Colors
  • Auto Progress
  • Transitions
  • Versatile Caption Display
  • Custom Captions

Advanced Effects

FooGallery PRO allows you to effortlessly enhance your galleries using a number of subtle effects that take your gallery from amazing to AWESOME. Creating your gallery using FooGallery PRO will help you stand out from the crowd, with the help of custom effects.

Advanced Effects

Start creating beautiful galleries with PRO Starter

Built for photographers who want to take their galleries to the next level. Showcase your images like a PRO with FooGallery PRO Starter!

FooGallery PRO Expert Features

Our PRO Expert plan unlocks exactly what you would expect – expert-level features! Our most popular plan is for professional photographers and website owners who want to invest in how their galleries look and work. If you want your visitors to take you and your galleries seriously, then you need PRO Expert.

Video Support

Video Support

FooGallery PRO Expert has full support for videos. This means you can import videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or upload and host your videos locally.

Create mixed galleries with images and videos, or create galleries with only videos if you choose. The inclusion of videos is a landmark characteristic of any top-quality online gallery.

Tag Filtering

FooGallery PRO Expert lets you organize your media using tags or categories in the backend. And then you can add filtering to your galleries in the frontend.

Gallery filters are extremely helpful, especially if you plan to upload lots of images to your WordPress site. This allows you to make your gallery more transparent and user-friendly without having to resort to complicated tools or advanced web development knowledge!

Tag Filtering
Multi-Level Filtering

Multi-Level Filtering

Add multiple levels of filters to your gallery. This allows for easier sorting in your frontend gallery and improves user experience (view the demo).

Thanks to multi-level filtering, available in FooGallery PRO Expert, users who visit your online gallery will have more agency over how to sort images just how they like it, without having to abide by the default settings.

  • Multiple levels with multiple filters per level
  • Drag and Drop filters to rearrange the order
  • Easy tagging with the Bulk Taxonomy Manager

Gallery Search

With FooGallery PRO Expert and PRO Commerce, you can add Search to your gallery. This awesome features allows visitors to search through your galleries for specific search terms.

Add terms to your tags or captions, and let users find the images they want to see. This is the ideal addition to large galleries and makes for an improved user experience.

Find out more about Gallery Search.

gallery search
Dynamic Galleries

Dynamic Galleries

Load galleries from other sources! This will make your WordPress photo gallery creation a whole lot smoother.

The FooGallery PRO Expert plan allows you to create dynamic galleries using images from the below sources.

  • Media Tags
  • Media Categories
  • Server Folders
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Real Media Library
  • Post Queries

Custom Captions

Build up custom captions with your own custom HTML which can include dynamic placeholders. And yes, they also work flawlessly with other popular WordPress gallery plugins like Advanced Custom Fields and Pods. 

View the demo to see why we love this feature so much! It’s incredibly easy to use and will bring your site’s accessibility to the next level!

Custom Captions
Advanced Attachment Modal

Advanced Attachment Modal

Add metadata to your gallery images with advanced media attachment modal. This feature is available in the free version, but with PRO Expert, you can also:

  • Add media tags and/or categories to images
  • Add or edit EXIF Data

Note: Watermarking and Commerce fields are also available for FooGallery PRO Commerce users.

Advanced Pagination

FooGallery comes standard with dot paging. But our PRO Expert WordPress gallery plugin has advanced paging options to enable page numbering, the popular “load more” button, or even infinite scroll.

Advanced Pagination
Exif data in FooGallery pro expert


With FooGallery PRO Expert, you can include EXIF Metadata with your images. Now you can display various attributes for your images, including Camera Type, Exposure, Focal Length, and more.

Plus thumbnails display an EXIF Icon when this metadata is included with an image. View the EXIF Demo.

Start creating advanced galleries with PRO Expert

Built for photographers and site owners who want to add advanced features to their galleries. How do features like video, filtering, pagination, custom captions & EXIF metadata sound? If it sounds good, then dive in!

FooGallery PRO Commerce Features

Our PRO Commerce plan is for the photographers who make a living from selling their photos online. We have integrated with the world’s most popular ecommerce platform, WooCommerce, to bring you innovative tools to help you sell more with hardly any effort. The best WordPress gallery just got a whole lot better!

Product Galleries

With WooCommerce integration, FooGallery PRO Commerce gives you the ability to sell directly from your gallery!

Our WooCommerce integration includes:

  • Dynamic Galleries generated from your WooCommerce products.
  • A Product Gallery layout, tailored for commerce, with product category filters.
  • Product Variation Support, showing variations in the lightbox.
  • Manually Linked Products; manually link a product to each item in your gallery for complete control.
  • Custom Captions can include product info in your caption template.

See how it all works together with this PRO Commerce demo!

Woocommerce integration
Master Product

Master Product & File Downloads

Set a Master product for the entire gallery! Using WooCommerce integration, you can select a single product to use for all images in your gallery.

Images will then inherit any product variables, saving you the hassle of setting up all products individually.

Find out more about the Master Product.

You can also add file downloads to your gallery!

Ribbons & Buttons

View, or Add to Cart buttons can now be added to your thumbnails and your lightbox.

FooGallery PRO Commerce also includes Ribbons! Highlight your promotional or other items with one of several Ribbon templates. Plus you can change the wording to suit your needs. Ribbon types can include:

  • Sale Items
  • Featured Items
  • Out of Stock Products
  • Or products on backorder

Take a look at the Ribbons and Buttons demo.

Ribbons and buttons
Master gallery template

Gallery Blueprint

With FooGallery PRO Commerce you can create a gallery template – or Blueprint – and assign to other galleries. Any gallery using this gallery template will inherit all settings form the Blueprint.

With the Gallery Blueprint feature, you can:

  • Create multiple gallery blueprint / templates.
  • Use existing galleries as a blueprint.
  • Assign multiple galleries to a template.

Image Protection

FooGallery PRO Commerce ensures your images are safe! We’ve added watermarking to our galleries so you can protect your images with a custom watermark. It’s easy to set up and can be enabled for individual galleries.

As an added measure, we’ve included Right-Click Image Protection. You can use this in conjunction with watermarking, or by itself.

View the Photo Watermarking Demo.

image protection - watermarking and right click protection
white labelling

White Labeling

Available in FooGallery PRO Commerce, White Labeling allows you to rename FooGallery on client sites. Freelancers and agencies can use this feature to rebrand FooGallery, as well as set menu visibility.

Use galleries to enhance your business with PRO Commerce

Built for businesses who need to showcase their products and photographs, FooGallery PRO Commerce gives you advanced features that work for you. With product galleries, ribbons, master galleries and more, selling through your gallery is simple.

What Our Users Have To Say

Great product, fantastic support
Highly configurable, and the developer has been really great with advice on customisation. I’m really pleased with FooGallery!

Nat Coalson

Nat Coalson

I absolutely loved how easy it is to make the gallery look different than every other gallery on every other site.

John Hawkins

9 Seeds

John Hawkins

A wonderful fit for users who need a lightweight plugin that creates beautiful galleries without the need for custom styling or coding.

Rebecca Gill

Web Savvy

Rebecca Gill

Been Great for Years, Time to Upgrade
I have used FooGallery on and off for a few years depending on my needs. I actually have had lots less issues, especially around cache stuff, than other popular galleries. I have been thankful for the free version, but my needs changed, so now onto the premium version.



Great plugin; best option to display images in WordPress. It’s responsive too.

Li Fan

Li Fan

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