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Carousel Gallery

FooGallery includes a Carousel gallery template. This gallery layout lets you display your images in a carousel, which rotates through the various images in the gallery. The Carousel gallery is available in all FooGallery free and Pro plans.

The Carousel layout uses a set dimension for the image thumbnails, along with navigational arrows on either side of the gallery and dots below the thumbnails corresponding to the images in the gallery. You can therefore navigate the gallery by using the arrows on either side, or by clicking on each of the dots. The Carousel also includes an autoplay function, that can enable or disable.

This template allows you to overlap and scale images, so you can have one larger thumbnail in the middle of the gallery, with images decreasing in size from there. Or you can make all images the same size.

Here’s a look at the Carousel Gallery and the first few settings:

Carousel gallery layout in FooGallery

General Settings

In the above screenshot, you can see the first few general settings for the Carousel gallery. Your first setting allows you to set the thumbnail size. These dimensions will be applied to all of the thumbnails. However, images behind the centre image may appear smaller depending on the Scaling option selected.

In the Max Items to Show field, you can choose how many images you want to appear in the carousel at one time. Your gallery can have as many items as you wish, but this setting will determine the number of images that appear on the page. It is recommended that you make this an odd number, as the layout shows one image in the center and the remaining number make up the images on the side. Also note that the gallery will adjust for smaller screens, and therefore may show less images than is set. In the case of mobile, for example, only one image may appear. Finally, as this gallery layout allows you to set the number of images to display, you will not be able to use paging with this gallery.

The Gutters determine the degree of overlap, or the margins inbetween the thumbnails. Setting the Max number to a higher negative number will increase the overlap. Conversely, a higher positive number will increase the margin. Two presets have been provided, should you wish to quickly set the gutters.

additional settings for carousel layout

In this screenshot you can see the additional settings available for the Carousel gallery layout. These give you some extra options for the gallery and lightbox behaviour.

The Autoplay function lets you set the gallery to automatically play through the images. If the time is set to 0 seconds, the Autoplay will be disabled. Once you have set the time, however, the gallery will scroll through each of the images, changing after the set number of seconds has passed. You can also Pause or Disable the Autoplay.

As with most other FooGallery layouts, you can also set your Thumbnail Link and choose the lightbox in which you want to open the full size images. Note that the FooGallery PRO Lightbox is only available to FooGallery PRO Users.