Single Thumbnail Gallery Template

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Single Thumbnail Gallery Template

As the name implies, a Single Thumbnail Gallery only shows one thumbnail. To view the rest of the image in the gallery, your visitors would need to click on the thumbnail. This will open the full-size image in FooBox, or another lightbox (if installed).

Here’s an example. Click on the image below to view the rest of the gallery:

General Settings

With this gallery, you can adjust the size of the thumbnail. You can also change the position of the gallery on the page. It can be center, left or right. Alternatively you can float it left or right, meaning that text will appear next to the gallery.

You are also able to set the images to open in a lightbox, such as FooBox or the FooGallery PRO lightbox.

Finally, you can choose to exclude the featured image. With this layout, the first image in the gallery will act as the featured image. However, you can choose to exclude this image from the gallery by selecting this option.

Single Thumbnail gallery settings