Getting Creative With FooGallery And Gutenberg

Getting creative with FooGallery and Gutenberg

FooGallery is designed to work with the Gutenburg block editor. It comes with its own Gutenberg block, allowing you to add and preview galleries within the page editor. But what else can you do with FooGallery and Gutenberg? Here’s a look at how you can get creative with your blocks. Using the FooGallery Block Inserting galleries into your post is simple with the FooGallery block. We’ve covered this in more detail in this post, but let’s recap quickly. As soon as FooGallery is installed, you’ll see the FooGallery block in your block menu. It looks like this: Once you click … Read more…

FooPlugins Is Hiring

FooPlugins is Hiring

We are looking for a freelance WordPress developer to join ranks with the FooPlugins team. We need someone who can work hard and help us build amazing WordPress plugins. Do you think you have what it takes? What is FooPlugins? FooPlugins builds easy-to-use WordPress plugins that are focused on giving our customers what they need. Our two major plugins are FooGallery and FooBox. FooGallery is a responsive WordPress Gallery Plugin. It comes as a free version, which allows our users to build beautiful, customizable image galleries. The Pro version does this, and a whole lot more. It includes advanced functions … Read more…

What is the Best WordPress Gallery Plugin?

Best WordPress Gallery Plugin

A Detailed, Honest Comparison of FooPlugins, NextGEN and Envira. FooGallery is a WordPress gallery plugin, and we think it is the best on the market. But we wanted to put this to the test. After all, we can’t call ourselves the Best WordPress Gallery Plugin if we don’t measure up. So we decided to take a closer look at what FooGallery has to offer and how it performs, in comparison to two other popular WordPress Galleries. NextGEN and Envira are both well-established galleries with a large following. NextGEN has been around for quite some time, so it has a more … Read more…

How To Create A WordPress Gallery

How to create a WordPress Gallery

Creating a WordPress gallery is really simple. Whether you’re using a WordPress gallery plugin (like FooGallery) or not, it should only take you a few minutes to create your own gallery. Besides, using a gallery has plenty of benefits. What is a WordPress Gallery? A gallery is a collection of images (or media) on your website. With WordPress it’s easy to create and insert galleries into your pages or posts. You can use galleries to showcase your work. Photographers or artists, for example, can make great use of galleries as a portfolio. You could use a gallery to showcase products; … Read more…

Thumbnail Filters: A FooGallery PRO Feature

Thumbnail filters: the new FooGallery PRO feature

We’ve added a feature to FooGallery PRO: Thumbnail Filters. These are similar to Instagram filters you know and love, and this means you can now alter the look of your FooGallery thumbnails easily, without needing to edit the images. It also adds a bit more pizzaz to your galleries. Everyone Loves Instagram Filters Every Instagram user loves using the filters. The filters mean you can quickly change your images, without needing to be a Photoshop pro. We wanted to give you something similar. Plus, with over a billion users a month, Instagram is clearly a crowd favorite. It is also a … Read more…

Security Update: What You Need to Know

Security update: what you need to know

FooGallery and FooBox have both been updated to address a potential security risk. Freemius recently notified us, as one of their customers, of a potential SDK security vulnerability. They went to work on the issue immediately and asked developers to do the same. The issue was quickly resolved on their side and ours, and our latest update will ensure that your site won’t be at risk. We must commend Vova and the Freemius team as to how they handled the situation and quickly got to the bottom of this. We are not releasing any more detailed information about this vulnerability … Read more…

FooGallery and FooBox – Latest Updates And New Features

FooBox and FooGallery: Latest updates and features

FooGallery and FooBox have both just been updated! The most important thing you need to know is that the latest updates have been tested up to WordPress 5.1. This will ensure that both FooBox and FooGallery will continue working smoothly once you’ve updated WordPress. For both FooGallery and FooBox there have been general maintenance updates and a lot of edge-case bug fixes, specifically with certain notched iPhones. New in FooBox PRO Two exciting new additions to FooBox PRO include being able to open a FooGallery in FooBox and overriding the WooCommerce V3 lightbox. Here’s a closer look at these two new features. Opening a … Read more…

Visual Content Marketing Strategy: Why You Should Use A Photo Gallery

Visual content marketing strategy: why you need a photo gallery

We’ve all heard of content marketing! It’s the idea behind using content to improve your SEO, boost your traffic, build your relationship with your audience … you get the idea. But what is visual content marketing? And how can it help you? What is Visual Content Marketing? This form of content marketing makes use of images, video or other visual aids to convey information about your topic or your business. You can use a variety of visuals to improve your content. We’ll go into more detail about this later on, but to give you an idea, you could use infographics, … Read more…

FooGallery Q&A: What You Need To Know About Our Responsive Photo Gallery

FooGallery Q&A: What you need to know about our responsive photo gallery

FooGallery is a responsive photo gallery. But what does that mean? And what else do you need to know about this WordPress plugin? We’ve moved the answers to these, and other questions to our FooGallery FAQ’s. Or you may find some of these links useful: FooGallery FooGallery Free vs Pro comparison Pricing