Exporting and Importing Galleries

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Exporting and Importing Galleries

It is possible to import or export FooGallery galleries from one website to another. Below is a detailed process for doing this.

1. Make a full backup of your existing website.

2. Go to Tools -> Export and select “Galleries” to export. This will let you download an xml file with all of the FooGallery galleries on your existing website.

Export Galleries

3. Fully back up your new site (that you want to import to) just in case.

4. Make sure you have FooGallery installed and activated on your new site.

5. Install the WordPress import plugin by going to Tools –> Import and following the instructions.

6. Import the XML file you previously downloaded via Tools –> Import. You will be asked if you want to download all associated media. Select Yes for this. Note that this will only work if the media files are directly accessible via the internet. If your original site is behind a firewall or not accessible then the images won’t be downloaded.

7. Once complete you should have all of your FooGallery galleries on the new site. You can then delete any of the galleries you didn’t want imported. You will also likely need to manually delete any of the images you didn’t want to import.