FooGallery Not Working After Update

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FooGallery Not Working After Update

If you have just updated FooGallery to the latest version and it is no longer working, then please follow these steps:

1. Clear/purge any caches you have on your site. This applies to both caching/optimization plugins, or caches provided by your site host.

2. In wp-admin Goto FooGallery -> Settings and click the “Clear Gallery HTML Cache” and “Clear CSS Optimization Cache” buttons.

3. On the same settings page, under Advanced tab, enable “Custom Ready Event” and click Save Settings.

Note: some caching plugins allow site owners to exclude specific pages from caching. This can be very useful to do on gallery pages in particular.

If it is still not working, then please contact us for help.

In the meantime, if you want to rollback to a previous version of the plugin, you can do so by downloading and installing a previous version from WordPress.

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