FooBox Documentation


Please be aware that if your image file names have spaces in them, the Safari browser will insert “%20” into the space in the file name when deeplinking is on. This can create undesirable links to your images through FooBox. We suggest using a plugin like Clean Media File Names to make sure all your images have no spaces or strange characters at all.

Deep Linking in FooBox

Deeplinking enables each instance of FooBox to have a unique url. That means that if you are on, when you open an image or video or html content in FooBox, your url will look like this:

Why would you want that? Because that way, you can share that link using FooBox’s built-in social sharing buttons, or in an email campaign, or anywhere you like, and when visitors click on that link they’ll be taken to your homepage with that image already open in FooBox.

You can find your Deeplinking settings in the “Functions” tab of your FooBox settings page. Here are some details about those options.

Custom deeplinking

Disable Deeplinking

There are some users who don’t plan to use the social sharing aspects of FooBox. Or perhaps you don’t want your visitors to go to the FooBox element when they share things from FooBox but to the page without FooBox open. Either way, here is where you can disable Deeplinking completely.

Deeplinking Prefix

Your brand matters, and you want your website to always look like YOUR website. By default, FooBox uses #foobox as the deeplinking prefix. If you don’t want that to appear, then simply add your own unique prefix in the field. Now you’ll have: