Adding a Download Function to FooBox

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Adding a Download Function to FooBox

With FooBox PRO it is possible to add a download icon to images, enabling users to download any images shown in FooBox. Note that this setting will be applied to all images that are displayed in your FooBox PRO lightbox.

Below you will find step-by-step instructions for setting up the download function in FooBox, firstly as a standalone image, and secondly in conjunction with FooGallery (when using FooBox as your lightbox)

  1. Go to FooBox -> Settings. Click on Social Sharing.
  2. Select the Download Original Image checkbox. Then save your settings. This will add the download function to any image opened in FooBox.
Enabling downloads in FooBox PRO
  1. Now add your image as usual to any page or post. In the image settings, click on the Link icon and select “Link to image file” in the drop down option.
Enable FooBox for standalone images
  1. Once you have saved any changes, go to the page or post and click on the image. It will open in FooBox and display the download icon.

For to enable image downloads in FooGallery, repeat steps 1 and 2 above. Then follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the gallery you have created with FooGallery. In the settings, click on the Lightbox tab. You will see a field for selecting which lightbox you would like to use – click on the dropdown arrow and select FooBox (as shown in the screenshot below). This will show for any gallery of the gallery templates, with the exception of the Slider PRO and Grid PRO. (You will need to do this for any gallery in which you want downloadable images.)
    Enable FooBox for image galleries with FooGallery
    1. If you now save the gallery settings and click on an image in the gallery, it should open in the FooBox lightbox, and give you the option to download the image.

    You will now see the download icon, alongside any other sharing networks that you’ve enabled, when your lightbox is opened. You can see this in the screenshot below.

    Download function enabled in FooBox PRO

    Note that FooBox PRO does work with other popular gallery plugins. However, the configuration and setup may be different from the steps outlined above.