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Google Analytics Tracking

FooBox Pro includes Google Analytics (from V2.7.7), allowing you to track pageviews, events and social shares for images opened in FooBox. This feature is only available in FooBox Pro.

You can access the Google Analytics (GA) settings from your FooBox settings.

FooBox Pro Google Analytics

Google Analytics Settings

Below is a breakdown of the various GA settings and what they track:

Enable Pageview Tracking – If someone opens an image in FooBox, Google Analytics records this as a pageview. This means that when images are opened in FooBox Pro, these opens will count towards your total pageviews.

Track Deeplink Pageviews – Both FooBox Deeplinking and ‘Enable Pageview Tracking’ have to be enabled for this to apply. Once enabled, GA will record the FooBox deeplink URL rather than the direct image URL, allowing you to monitor which images are shown in the lightbox. To check your FooBox Deeplinking settings, look under the Functions tab in the FooBox settings. The Disable Deeplinking checkbox should NOT be checked.

FooBox Pro deeplinking settings

Enable Event Tracking – This sends an event to GA, if you prefer to track GA events rather than pageviews. A custom event is a user interaction separate to a pageview.

Event Category – This is the name of the event you are tracking. It is set to Images by default.

Event Action – This is the name of the action you are tracking through your event. It is set to View by default.

Enable Social Tracking – FooBox Pro allows you to include social sharing when images are opened in FooBox. This setting now allows you to track the social shares as events in GA. You can manage your sharing settings from the Social Sharing tab in the FooBox settings.

Social Category – This is the name of the event category used when tracking social sharing. It is set to Social Share by default.

Once enabled, you can track pageviews, events and social sharing from your Google Analytics account. If you don’t yet have an account, you can go to Google Analytics to set one up.