Automate Gallery Creation from Lightroom Collections

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Automate Gallery Creation from Lightroom Collections

Do you like automation? Do you want to automatically create a new FooGallery gallery for each Collection that you synchronize from Lightroom? If so, then continue reading!

Before you start with setting this up, ensure you have setup WP/LR Sync publishing service within Lightroom and install and activate the WP/LR plugin inside your WordPress admin. Read more details on getting this setup.

Then visit your FooGallery Settings -> WP/LR Sync Tab:

Sync Collections To Galleries

Ensure that you have the Sync Collections To Galleries setting enabled and save your settings.

The next time you Publish from Lightroom, not only will all your images and keywords be synchronized, but a new FooGallery will be created for each collection, that is dynamically populated from said collection.

When you visit the FooGallery Settings -> WP/LR Sync tab you will find a list of all collections that have been synchronized in this way:

WP/LR Sync tab

A few things to note about these auto-generated galleries:

  • The name of the gallery will be the same as the collection name.
  • The datasource for the gallery is set to Lightroom and obviously the collection will be the selected collection.
  • The gallery template will be whatever is set for the Default Gallery Template setting on the FooGallery Settings -> General tab -> Gallery Defaults section.
  • The gallery settings will inherit settings from the gallery chosen for the Default Gallery Settings setting. Again in the same section on the FooGallery settings page:
Default gallery template and gallery settings
Default gallery template and gallery settings.

This feature is available in FooGallery PRO Expert and PRO Commerce.