FooGallery + WP/LR Sync

Since version 1.8.0 of FooGallery, you have been able to Sync your Galleries with the photos stored in Adobe Lightroom, by using the WP/LR Sync plugin by MeowApps.

These are the features built into FooGallery which work seamlessly with WP/LR Sync:

  • Lightroom keywords can be synchronized back to FooGallery Media Tags or Media Categories. (view tutorial)
  • You can set your FooGallery to load dynamically from a Collection in Lightroom. (view tutorial)
  • Automate the creation of Galleries in FooGallery from Collections when you publish from Adobe Lightroom. (view tutorial)

Setup WP/LR Sync

In order to get WP/LR Sync working correctly you need to follow these steps:

  1. Install the WP/LR Sync WordPress plugin on your website.
  2. Purchase a license for the WP/LR Sync Lightroom Publishing Service and install it within Lightroom.
  3. Setup the WP/LR Publish Service within Lightroom
    • Open Lightrooom Publishing Manager and click on WP/LR Sync
    • Enter a name for the Publish Service Description (normally the name of the site you are synchronizing with)
    • Under WP/LR Sync Authentication
      • Key : your licence key for WP/LR Sync.
      • Site URL : the URL of the site you want to sync to (e.g.
      • Token : visit your WordPress admin profile (Users -> Your Profile) for site URL you entered and find the value for Token for WP/LR Sync.
  4. Ensure you set Synchronize to “All Meta” in order for your keywords to be synchronized.
  5. Set all your other settings include Image Sizing, Watermarking etc.