How to Transfer your License to a New Site

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How to Transfer your License to a New Site

Your FooGallery, FooBar or FooBox license is issued to an email address or user, and comes with a quota for activations (1, 5 or 25 sites). The license can therefore be used on different sites, as long as you maintain your quota. In other words, if you wish to remove your single-site FooPlugins license from a website, and then use the same license on another website, then you can do so.

Here are the steps you would need to follow – we’ll explain this using FooGallery as an example, but the same would work for FooBar and FooBox.

Deactivate your License

If you want to transfer your FooGallery PRO License from one site to another, you would need to first uninstall and deactivate the license on the site on which it is installed. Go to your plugins page, and under FooGallery, click deactivated. Once deactivated, click uninstall.

deactivate foogallery from plugins library

If you have galleries on your website, you can still use the free version of FooGallery. Your galleries will show as normal, but you won’t see any of the premium features. You can install this by clicking on Add New plugin and searching WordPress for FooGallery.

Reactivate your License

Now go the site on which you want to install your FooGallery PRO license. You will need the plugin .zip file and your license key – you would have received an email with these when you purchased your license or you can find this in your account.

Go to Plugins – Add New. Drag the .zip file for FooGallery PRO into the field provided, or browse for it. Once the file has been added, click on Install Now.

install foogallery

You’ll be redirected to a page showing the installation process. Once complete, you can activate the license.

You’ll then be asked to enter your license key. If your license has been properly uninstalled from the previous site, then FooGallery PRO will now activate on your new site, and you will have access to the premium features.


If you are unable to reactivate your license, please try the following:

  • Return to the first site and ensure that the Pro version of the plugin has been deactivated and uninstalled. If you have installed the free version already, check the account page to ensure that the free version is being used. You may need to Sync your license to fix the issue.
  • You may see an error saying that your site quota has been reached. This means that your license has been used on the maximum number of sites available to you. This can sometimes occur if the license has been used on a staging or production site. If this occurs, please contact our support team and we’ll look into the issue for you.
  • If you have lost access to your site (for example, it was shut down before you could uninstall the plugin license), please contact us with the license details so we can assist.