What You Need In A WordPress Video Plugin

Do you want to capture the attention of your audience? Then a WordPress Video Plugin is the answer. Video is versatile and it is popular. Plus, a video gallery plugin makes your life a whole lot easier.

Wordstream shares some interesting numbers, saying that one-third of online activity is spent watching video. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have all seen a rise in the amount of video watched. More people are using video to engage their users. 

So if you’re not using video yet, it’s a safe bet that you will be in the future. For a WordPress site, the easiest solution for you is a WordPress video plugin. This is where FooGallery PRO comes in. 

Video and Image Gallery
Create a Video and Image gallery with FooGallery PRO

FooGallery PRO and Video

FooGallery PRO now comes with video functionality built in – have a look at the demos here. You can create a gallery with both images and videos, or only videos. You can also create a gallery with a single item which is a video and then showcase that video on a page or post.

Video Galleries

All of the FooGallery templates work with video. With FooGallery PRO you can select the template that works best for you, and import your videos. If you’re using images and video, then choose a gallery that works with both. 

If you’re just using the gallery for video, though, the Slider PRO template is ideal. It displays the videos on the page, and includes tabs for other videos in the gallery on the side or bottom.

Importing Videos

FooGallery allows you to import videos from multiple sources including:

You can import a video simply by pasting the URL to the video from the different channels that are supported. Alternatively, you can easily search for videos on YouTube by typing in a keyword.

To import videos into a gallery, click the Add Media button and then click on the Import Video tab. You can then paste in a URL, or type in a keyword to search YouTube.

You can also upload a self hosted video into your media library, which you can then add to your video gallery. But it is preferable to load videos from a YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion channel. This will save on hosting space for your site and reduce bandwidth costs, not to mention improve your page load time. You also then have another channel (on the video site) from which you can drive traffic.


FooGallery is Gutenberg-ready, which means that you can preview your video galleries directly inside the new block editor. You can see exactly how your videos will look before you publish your posts or pages.

FooGallery PRO is a Video Plugin

FooGallery PRO comes with a range of settings and features specific to creating amazing galleries with video content. If you a want to create amazing galleries that showcase videos, then FooGallery PRO is the right choice.

Try FooGallery PRO for yourself.

You can read more on how to use the video features here.

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What You Need In A WordPress Video Plugin