Import Videos from YouTube

There are a number of ways to import YouTube videos to your FooGallery PRO media gallery.

Single Video

Simply enter the videos URL into the search input to fetch a single video. The following URL formats are supported:

  • http(s)://[VIDEO_ID]
  • http(s)://[VIDEO_ID]
  • http(s)://[VIDEO_ID]
Add a single video to a gallery

You can also provide just the video’s ID in the search input. 


Import an entire playlist or a sub-selection of its’ videos by entering its’ URL into the search input. Once the playlist has been fetched, you can select individual videos to import, or import the entire playlist. The following URL format is supported:

  • http(s)://[PLAYLIST_ID]

You can also provide just the playlists’ ID in the search input. 

Import playlist from YouTube


You can also perform a search on YouTube and select the videos to import from the results by simply typing your query into the search input. This will fetch relevant results, from which you can select the video or videos you want to include in your gallery. 

Search YouTube, select and import videos