Kinsta Hosting Includes FooGallery in Best Photo Gallery Plugins

FooGallery Recommended by Kinsta

We’re excited to announce that FooGallery is recommended in Kinsta Hosting’s Best Photo Gallery Plugins list! What is Kinsta Hosting? We live and breathe the WordPress community and the companies that provide services like plugins, themes, hosting and more. Kinsta has gained a lot of attention since their formation in 2013. They offer premium WordPress hosting in the cloud based on the Google Apps service. There are few reasons why Kinsta has seen such rapid growth in the WordPress space. For one, their infrastructure is fine-tuned for speed out-of-the-box with every level of hosting they provide. Second, their focus on customer support … Read more…

FooGallery Pro Now Includes Video Gallery Features

FooGallery discount notice

Today we’re excited to announce that FooGallery Pro now includes the ability to create video galleries with YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and more including self-hosted videos.

Actually, FooGallery has always supported the creation of video galleries through the use of an extension named FooVideo. As we wrote about here, it made more sense for our users and our business to merge the features and benefits of FooVideo into our FooGallery Pro plugin and has now happened.

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News: FooVideo Will Be Merged Into FooGallery Pro


We released our FooVideo extension for FooGallery almost three years ago. It was the direct result of feedback from users of our FooGallery and FooBox plugins. By far, the number one request was for us to create an easy way to create video galleries in FooGallery. We’re proud to have accomplished that with FooVideo, complete with YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and more services supported, even self-hosted videos in various formats. Today we’re excited to share the news that FooVideo will be merged with our FooGallery Pro plugin. Why? Put simply, our product offerings became fragmented and that needs to be corrected. FooGallery and FooVideo together … Read more…

FooBox Gets Massive Sharing and Feature Updates

WordPress Lightbox Plugin with Social Sharing

FooBox was the first responsive lightbox plugin and the first to introduce a social sharing layer. When we released FooBox more than five years ago, the social network landscape looked much different than it does today. We’re happy to report that FooBox Pro has gotten a massive update to its social sharing codebase that keeps it on the leading edge but also allowed us to introduce some snazzy new features. Keeping up with changes on networks like Facebook and Twitter are hard. This is especially true when it comes to developing solutions that rely upon these networks and the seemingly constant … Read more…

7 Day Free Trial of FooBox Pro! (no credit card required)

FooBox Pro Free Trial

In a previous post we detailed some of the challenges of running (and growing) a plugin business. We showed you how we’ve implemented the Freemius platform in our free FooBox image lightbox plugin. One of the things we’ve been testing is allowing trials of FooBox Pro. This feature allows users to utilize the full feature set of FooBox Pro like social sharing, HTML, video, and more. In the past two months, we’ve been able to track a lot of data of how users are interacting with FooBox free, and it’s been invaluable thanks to Freemius. Allowing Pro Trials Works for All … Read more…

FooGallery – Now with Retina Creation and Display Support

retina creation metabox in FooGallery plugin

FooGallery has just been updated to v1.2.18. It comes with two big features, one for end users and one for developers. Look for this version in your updates list or on the .org repo. This post will cover the new retina support. Look for the developer feature post coming in a few days. What Is Retina Display and Why Do We Support It? If you’re not familiar with what “retina display” really means when it comes to images viewed on your website, allow me to explain briefly. Retina Display is a marketing term developed by Apple to refer to devices and … Read more…

4 Rules for Using Images on Your Website

Rules for using images on your website

If you have a food blog, a how-to website or if sell anything online, then you should be using images. In fact, anyone who wants their website to get noticed these days needs to use the right images. This might sound obvious, but not everyone gets it right. So here are a few tips to help you with your website images. Rule #1 – Use Alt Text Make sure your images are correctly labelled by using Alt tags on your images. An Alt tag is a text alternative to an image and looks like this in HTML: < img src=”…” … Read more…

FooBox Update – v1.1.9

Best WordPress Lightbox Plugin

You may have read our last post about the changes we’re making to FooPlugins. I’m happy to report that things are moving along nicely.   1.1.9 New setting for dropping IE7 support (for valid CSS) Fix for when multiple jQuery versions loaded on page! Fix for not including scripts for setting ‘disable other lightboxes’ 1.1.8 IMPORTANT : clear your site cache when updating – if you use a caching plugin. Added clear cache message to getting started page Removed duplicate settings page Updated opt-in message Fix : loosing scroll position when scrollbars are hidden

The Challenges of Growing a Plugin Business (and what we’re doing about it)

It might surprise you to know that FooPlugins is comprised of just four people. I’m the Co-founder along with Brad. Steve is our jQuery and Javascript guru, and Leo heads up our support. A Short History of FooPlugins Brad and I met on the Gravity Forms forums in 2012. He created a Gravity Forms extension for one of my clients at the time. He’s a talented developer and well, I’m not. At all. I’m a community, business development, and marketing guy. He had several plugins in the .org repository and had found success with selling FooBar on Codecanyon. I was … Read more…

How to Create an Online Video Course in WordPress

Astronomy course

If you search Google for “how to create a video course with WordPress” you’ll get a nice list of plugins designed for that very purpose. Most of them come packed with features specific to course management and running membership-type sites. But what if you don’t need all those features? What if you just want to display your course videos one after the other with easy navigation, all on the same page? In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use our free FooGallery plugin, along with the premium FooVideo extension to easily create and display your course videos. We’ll be … Read more…