In a previous post we detailed some of the challenges of running (and growing) a plugin business. We showed you how we’ve implemented the Freemius platform in our free FooBox image lightbox plugin.

One of the things we’ve been testing is allowing trials of FooBox Pro. This feature allows users to utilize the full feature set of FooBox Pro like social sharing, HTML, video, and more. In the past two months, we’ve been able to track a lot of data of how users are interacting with FooBox free, and it’s been invaluable thanks to Freemius.

Allowing Pro Trials Works for All

It’s probably not surprising, but allowing users to try the Pro features of FooBox has resulted in higher conversions of the paid version of FooBox. Obviously, this is a good thing for our business but an even better option for users. We get the opportunity to prove the value of FooBox’s Pro features and that is working for everyone.

How Trials Work

Trials work just like you might imagine. You sign up for a trial (no credit card required), and then get to download the Pro version of FooBox. If you decide not to purchase FooBox Pro at the end of your trial, the plugin will simply revert back to the features included with FooBox free.

To an exact idea of how a trial signup works, have a look at the short video below.

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