We released our FooVideo extension for FooGallery almost three years ago. It was the direct result of feedback from users of our FooGallery and FooBox plugins. By far, the number one request was for us to create an easy way to create video galleries in FooGallery. We’re proud to have accomplished that with FooVideo, complete with YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and more services supported, even self-hosted videos in various formats.

Today we’re excited to share the news that FooVideo will be merged with our FooGallery Pro plugin.


Put simply, our product offerings became fragmented and that needs to be corrected. FooGallery and FooVideo together make for one powerful all-in-one gallery solution, but that wasn’t always clear to our users and potential users.

We aim to streamline both our WordPress image and video gallery solution and also our internal development process. Managing one code base is easier than managing several. The end result will be faster development of both FooGallery, FooGallery Pro and the video features provided by FooVideo.

The Challenges of Merging (for us, not you)

You may be aware that we changed our plugin delivery platform to Freemius about a year ago. Freemius provides us with a wealth of features we couldn’t find anywhere else. Previous to this change, we used Easy Digital Downloads, which is still an awesome solution for anyone wanting to sell digital products.

As of today, we’re using Freemius for both FooBox Pro and FooGallery Pro, but FooVideo is still managed using EDD. This has caused friction with our administrative and support tasks but the real challenge is that we’re now using two software licensing platforms. This was another consideration in deciding to merge FooVideo into FooGallery Pro.

When FooVideo is merged into FooGallery, we will be porting all existing FooVideo software licenses to Freemius. After completion, this brings all of our products onto the Freemius platform and will help us reach our goal of simplifying our entire sales process.

The Benefits of Merging (for you, and us)

I’ve written about the challenges of supporting our plugins before. With over 200,000 active installs, that’s not an easy task for a small team. The merging of FooVideo into FooGallery Pro is the next step in ensuring we continue to meet the support needs of our users in an effective and timely manner.

Merging will also enable us to build new features and squash bugs much faster. We expect this to have a positive trickle-down effect in all areas of our business. In turn, this means a better product for you now and in the long term.

FooVideo and FooGallery Free Users

FooVideo is a premium extension for FooGallery Free and Pro. When FooVideo is merged into FooGallery Pro, our feature development and sales of FooVideo as a standalone product will end.

That doesn’t mean that our support of FooVideo will end!

We will continue to support customers who have purchased FooVideo and are using it with FooGallery Free. Current customers of FooVideo (who have not upgraded to FooGallery Pro) will receive a complimentary upgrade to a FooGallery Pro license equivalent to their FooVideo license level (single, multi, or business) or a discount code to apply to FooGallery Pro should they decide on a higher license level.

FooVideo and FooGallery Pro Users

We will continue to support customers who have purchased FooVideo and are using it with FooGallery Pro. Current customers of FooVideo (who are already using FooGallery Pro) will receive either a discount on upgrading to a higher FooGallery Pro license level or an extension of their current license.

In summary, we plan to take care of you, our loyal users and customers as we move forward with merging FooVideo into FooGallery Pro. We’ll also keep you updated on the progress of this change here.

As always, we thank you for your past, current, and continued support of FooPlugins. Without you, we wouldn’t exist.