In our last post we asked the question “Should We Build an AdSense Extension for FooBox?” in the form of a user Poll. The answers were surprising at first, but after reading the helpful commentary from you, it became obvious that this was not only something the majority of you didn’t want but also something that would likely violate the Google AdSense TOS.

Why We Aren’t Building It

As I said in the previous post, this was a frequently requested feature from many of our users but we learned that just because something is requested doesn’t mean it’s something that should be built.

You Don’t Need It

Our goal is to create free and premium products make WordPress web development easier for you, your clients, and your end users but that means nothing if those products don’t serve a certain majority. Our initial calculation of the popularity of an AdSense extension was skewed and wasn’t representative of the needs of our entire user base nor that of our business.

Even though FooBox could be considered somewhat of a niche product, as a business we need to extend our reach and continue creating high quality plugins that solve a problem.

AdSense in a responsive lightbox wasn’t a problem and we know that now. Thanks to you!

It’s Likely Bad for Your Business

As several commentators pointed out, showing AdSense inside a lightbox popup is likely against the Google AdSense Terms of Service and would get you banned, or at least warned.

After this was pointed out we did our own investigating and although there are arguments on boths sides, it seems to be a slippery slope and one that we’d rather not take a chance on falling off of. We also aren’t in the business of creating “get rich quick” products that won’t have the long term value for our customers that we intend.

The last thing we want to do is create a product that negatively affects the ability for you and your web development clients to earn revenue.

We Also Learned Something Else

Although we really already knew this from the previous interactions and feedback with our users, we learned that all we need to do is reach out and you will help guide our business to creating the plugins that you need to succeed.

We’re committed to reaching out more often and asking for your feedback directly. We are only here after almost three years because of you.

Your trust. Your passion. Your voice. We’re always here listening and willing to take actions based on your needs.

Thank you for helping us out voicing your opinion. You’ll be hearing from us again soon:)

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