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For All FooBox & NextGen Users

Today, NextGen was released with some new updates and changes. One of the changes involved the way in which lightboxes are registered within NextGen. In short FooBox broke because it was relying on the old way that NextGen was doing things.

The bad news is that this will break your wp-admin completely.

The good news is that your front-end is not affected and your site visitors will see no interruption.

Steps to Get Around the Issue Before It Affects You

1. Update FooBox FIRST
2. Update NextGen SECOND

Steps to Fix the Problem If Your wp-admin is Broken

1. FTP into your website and rename the fooboxV2 folder to fooboxV2_deactivate.
2. Visit your plugins page in wp-admin to deactivate FooBox.
3. From FTP, rename the folder back to fooboxV2 again.
4. In the plugins page, update FooBox to the latest version
5. Activate FooBox again

Who This Will Affect

This will only affect you if you use FooBox with NextGen. If you do not have NExtGen installed, then you are in the clear.

What We Are Doing For Future Compatibility

We altered the code and have put checks in place so that this type of error will not break anything in future updates of NextGen.

*** Please share this post to help spread the word ***