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User Uploads

User Uploads is an addon that can be used with FooGallery Free or PRO, to enable users on your site to upload images to a gallery. Image uploads are added to moderation, from where the site owner can accept or reject them for their gallery.

Enabling User Uploads

User Uploads is a separate addon, that can be used with FooGallery to allow for frontend uploading of images. To enable this, you will first need to have FooGallery installed and activated on your site. You can use the addon with any of the FooGallery plans, from Free to PRO Commerce.

Purchase and install the User Uploads Addon. You will now see an additional tab in your Edit Gallery page called User Uploads. From here, you can enable the uploads by selecting either Show After Gallery or Use Shortcode.

Enable User Uploads in the gallery

User Uploads Settings

Once the User Uploads has been enabled, you can determine the ‘rules’ for uploading images.

Customize settings for User Uploads

First, you can select to show the upload form after the gallery, or by using the shortcode. Selecting the latter option will open a new field with the shortcode for the form. You can then paste this onto your gallery page (or any other page) to display the form, allowing users to upload their own images. Below is an example of how the form will appear – note that it specifies the max size and number of images you have set.

user uploads form

Following this, you can set the maximum number of images that someone can upload, along with the maximum image file size. This can’t exceed 5mb, as this is the limit set by WordPress, but we would recommend keeping this as low as possible to prevent potential problems with site speed.

You can set who has permission to upload images; this can be set to logged-in Users Only, or Anyone.

The next section determines which fields are displayed when customers upload images. Here you can allow users to add a Caption, Description, alt text, custom url and/or custom target. For each of these, select Show or Hide, depending on your preferences. When users upload their images they will be able to add information to each of the fields selected.

Upload images using user upload

Image Moderation

Once images have been uploaded, users will see a notification informing them that the images are now in moderation.

Now, if you open the moderation form on the backend, you will see any images that have been uploaded. Here you will be able to see the metadata added and the images uploaded. You can then Approve or Reject each image – approved images will be added to both the media library and the gallery in question. Images that have been rejected will not be added to either.

User uploads in Moderation

Once images have been added you can update the gallery to show the new images.