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FooGallery PRO allows you to create an amazing slider gallery from your WordPress media library in under a minute.

Images courtesy of Pixabay

Slider Pro Features

The Slider Pro gallery template includes the following features:

Alternate Demo

The Slider Pro gallery is different to many of our other galleries, in that it doesn’t open the images in a lightbox. Instead users can scroll the images on the page. This makes it a great gallery for step-by-step instructions, as you might find on a DIY or how-to blog. It’s also a great gallery for displaying video.

You can add navigation buttons and include the image tabs on the side or below the viewport. You can also choose not to show the captions or descriptions in the tabs – if you select this option then the tabs show only a small thumbnail of the image. You can find more info about the Slider Pro Gallery settings here.

The Slider Pro is included in FooGallery PRO.

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