Slider Pro Gallery Template

The Slider PRO Gallery works as a slider, with one central image and smaller thumbs for the rest of the gallery appearing on the side or below the main image. This gallery allows you to scroll through the images on the page, so it doesn’t open in a lightbox.

Captions in the top lefthand corner. You can also set captions to appear next to each thumbnail or not (in the Captions tab); if set to Hide Captions, the gallery will show a wider thumbnail. You can also set the color of selected thumb in the gallery in the Appearance tab. Also note that image dimensions don’t change in this gallery, so it is recommended to resize images beforehand.

To use the Slider PRO template, click on the drop down menu above Gallery Settings and select Slider PRO. This template is only available to FooGallery PRO users.

General Settings

The settings for the Slider PRO gallery let you choose the basic layout of the gallery. You can either have the thumbs showing on the side of the gallery or below.

Navigation allows you to choose how users will navigate through the gallery items. You can include buttons on either side of the gallery. Alternatively you can have no navigation, in which case, users will click on the gallery image.

Final the Viewport Width setting determines whether you use the parent element width or the viewport width for the main gallery image.

Slider PRO settings