Polaroid Pro Gallery Template

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Polaroid Pro Gallery Template

The Polaroid PRO gallery is similar to the Simple Portfolio template (available in FooGallery Free), but with a bit more flair. As you can see in the screenshot below, the Polaroid template displays the thumbnails at a slight angle. When you hover over one of the images (like the jellyfish on the top right), the image straightens.

As this is a Pro gallery, you are also able to include video (if you are using PRO Expert or PRO Commerce). You can add the captions for your images, when uploading them to the Media Library, or from the Manage Items panel in your gallery settings.

These captions will display below your thumbs. Depending on where your videos are imported from, their captions will display automatically. The final thumb in the below gallery is for a video imported from YouTube.

Polaroid PRO gallery

General Settings

The Polaroid PRO gallery is available to all FooGallery PRO users. You will be able to select this gallery template from the drop down menu above the gallery settings.

You can now adjust the size of your thumbnails and choose to crop them to exact dimensions. This is recommended for this gallery layout, to ensure that all your thumbs are the same size. You are also able to adjust the gutter, or margin, between the thumbs.

You can set the full size images to open in a lightbox, like FooBox.

Finally you can set the thumbnail alignment.

Polaroid Pro gallery settings