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FooBox Shortcodes

FooBox PRO has 2 shortcodes that you can include in your page content:


Simple Usage:


This will open an existing FooBox 200 milliseconds after the page loads. 

PLEASE NOTE : the FooBox will load on EVERY page load, for every user. If you do not want to show it for a returning visitor, then use the foobox-auto-open-once shortcode below.

By default, it will load the first FooBox on the page, but if you want to load another FooBox further down the page, you can specify an index argument in the shortcode.

The following shortcode will load the 2nd FooBox on the page (index argument is zero-based):

[foobox-auto-open index=1]


Simple usage:

[foobox-auto-open-once key="auto"]

This shortcode will open an existing FooBox after the page loads, BUT it will only show once for the same user on that particular page.

You can define your own key, but if you specify “auto” then a key will be generated for the current URL. If you do not specify a key, then a key of “foobox-auto-open-once” is used.

PLEASE NOTE: these shortcodes are only available in FooBox PRO.