Using a media gallery plugin just makes sense. A gallery can help display your images in the best way possible. It can be tweaked to suit the look and feel of your site. And visitors can navigate through your images with ease. But only if you choose the right gallery template. Here are some tips on how to do that.

The template you choose should complement your site. It should be easy to use and quick to adjust, and work with both your images and your site. If you use clean, uncomplicated images for example, you’ll want a clean, unfussy template. FooGallery’s Masonry template is a good option here.

A gallery template can add to the look and feel of your site. For a more professional feel, a Justified gallery can work. But if you’re going for something more fun or casual, such as for a craft or personal blog, a Polaroid Gallery would be a better option.

Your gallery template should work with your images while meeting your needs. Are you just displaying images? Go with a responsive gallery or a responsive gallery with captions. If you’re looking for a no-fuss gallery that also allows you to add a bit more text to your thumbnails, then a simple portfolio is ideal.

You want to have the flexibility to adjust, tweak or change your gallery template. So while easy-to-use is essential, a gallery should also offer a variety of templates and settings.

Look for a gallery that allows you to display images or video, or a combination of the two.

Choose a gallery that offers you versatility in how your images are displayed. FooGallery allows you to adjust settings like your borders or how titles and captions appear. You can also look at using the albums to sort your images.

Thumbnails are important

With a lightbox media plugin, visitors to your site will often see the thumbnail image first. Clicking on this will display the larger image, but people must want to click on the thumbnail first. Your media gallery should give you options for your thumbnail settings, such as the hover effect or caption display.

Different templates can make a big impact on how you display your thumbnails and gallery images. Just have a look at the difference between FooGallery’s Single Thumbnail Gallery and the FooGrid template.

FooGallery gives you all these options and more, ensuring your media gallery is in tune with your site. Get started with FooGallery now.