We’re excited to announce that FooGallery is recommended in Kinsta Hosting’s Best Photo Gallery Plugins list!

What is Kinsta Hosting?

We live and breathe the WordPress community and the companies that provide services like plugins, themes, hosting and more. Kinsta has gained a lot of attention since their formation in 2013. They offer premium WordPress hosting in the cloud based on the Google Apps service.

There are few reasons why Kinsta has seen such rapid growth in the WordPress space. For one, their infrastructure is fine-tuned for speed out-of-the-box with every level of hosting they provide. Second, their focus on customer support is something that every business should strive to duplicate.

Our Own Kinsta Hosting Review

I was personally hearing so much about Kinsta that I decided to put them to the test by migrating a WordPress tutorial site of mine to them and documenting the entire experience. If you’re curious to see how it went, you can read my Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting Review: My Experience as a New User post where I detail each and every step, including my interaction with their support.

Why Having Our Plugins Recommended by Kinsta Matters.

Our plugins have over 400,000 active installs as of today. It’s critical for our business that we ensure our code is clean, lightweight, and compatible with as many hosting environments as possible. We’re constantly making improvements like ensuring they’re Gutenberg-ready and fixing any bugs that are reported.

Being recommended by a top-notch Managed WordPress host like Kinsta validates our hard work and signals potential users that our products are also high quality and solutions you can depend on for years to come.