2019 promises to be a year filled with exciting developments for FooPlugins! This year, we’re planning on bringing you a few of the features you’ve been asking for, along with some other cool stuff.

Here’s a look at what FooPlugins has planned for the year ahead:

A Foo Theme

Our goal has always been to showcase FooGallery and FooBox through our website. What better way to do this than develop our own theme?

FooPlugins is working on a theme that will work effectively with Gutenberg. It will focus on selling digital products and will include blocks for Features, Testimonials and Pricing Tables, just to name a few.

FooPlugins will also be introducing a blocks plugin with the new theme. FooGallery and FooBox already work with Gutenberg, but the plan is to introduce a more diverse range of blocks that can be used with the theme (or by themselves).

So keep an eye out for these additions to the FooPlugin’s offering.


This plugin has been around for a while. In fact, it was one of the original FooPlugins. But we’re rebuilding and repackaging it to make it fresh and relevant for 2019.

So what can you expect from FooBar? As the name suggests, it’s a notification bar plugin. But oh, so much more than just that. It comes with a bunch of great features including preset templates for different types of notifications, unlimited notification bars for your site, plus rules for notifications determining when they show.

Make sure you stay tuned to find out when this is happening. You don’t want to miss out on this one!

FooGallery Addons

We’ve spent a lot of time building amazing features into FooGallery, and especially into the PRO version. But there have been requests for additional features which, we feel, aren’t all that mainstream. We could build them into PRO, but that would mean an increase in our prices, for something you don’t necessarily want.

Enter FooPlugins Addons!

We’re working on a few ideas that will give your galleries the competitive edge. And if one of these is a feature you need, you can simply get the Addon.

There are three in the pipeline for 2019 so far, namely White Labelling, eCommerce and User-Generated Galleries. If you’re looking for something else, please let us know.

Tell Us What You Want

Like the sound of these additions, but have some suggestion? Maybe you’re looking for something more? Or different? Tell us!

We’ve set up a public Trello board where you can share your suggestions, requests and appeals. Let us know what feature you would like added or improved. Tell us what your dream addon would be.

We’re looking for new ways to advance and improve FooGallery and FooBox and your suggestions are invaluable. Keep in mind that we’ll be working on the more popular feature or Addon requests first. But if you’re thinking it, you can bet someone else is as well. So please share and keep the ideas coming in.

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