Profiles Gallery Demo

A demo of job profiles, using images from Generated.Photos

This following settings were used to create this demo:

  1. The default responsive image gallery template was used
  2. The FooGallery PRO Lightbox was selected
  3. Under Lightbox -> Thumbnails, the Thumbnail Strip setting was set to Hidden
  4. Under Lightbox -> Captions, the Caption Source was set to Custom, and the Custom Caption Template was:
    <p><a href="{{custom_url}}">View Profile</a>
  5. Under Captions, the Title was set to Attachment Title
  6. Filtering was set to Simple

Then for each attachment, the following was set for each profile:

  1. Title was set to the person’s name
  2. Description was set to the person’s expertise as a comma-separated list
  3. Media tags was set to the different expertise
  4. Custom URL was set to the persons’ profile page (in this case a dummy URL of #profile)

Some custom CSS was used to get around some issues with the theme styling, and also how I wanted the lightbox to look:

.fg-media-caption {
    text-align: center;

.fg-media-caption a {
     color : #0073aa;

.fg-panel.fg-light {
    background-color: rgb(200, 200, 200, 0.8) !important;