FooGallery is a WordPress media gallery plugin. It allows you to create beautiful media galleries and includes a variety of features. This lets you customize your gallery to suit your needs and your style. Below, we take a look at FooGallery Free vs PRO and provided a guide to the pricing for FooGallery PRO, so you can find the best fit for your site.

FooGallery Free

The free version of this media gallery plugin is certainly not lacking in features. It’s easily customizable and simple to use. When working on your gallery, you’re provided with an Instant Gallery Preview, which allows you to see the changes you are making, as you make them. You’ll no longer need to save your gallery and open it in the frontend.

Instant Gallery Previews
Instant Gallery Previews

Drag ‘n Drop Reordering is another handy feature that lets you rearrange your images into the order you want. Once everything is in it’s place, you can choose from one of various Gallery Templates available. These templates come with design elements of their own, including hover effects that you can adjust, and a ‘Fade in’ Loaded effect.

With the Custom CSS you can add your own style to the galleries or albums. Which, by the way, are built-in.

Your gallery will also come with a ‘Copy to Clipboard’ Shortcode, which you can paste onto your blog posts or webpages for the gallery to feature. Alternatively, you can use the One-click Gallery Page Creation to create a page with the gallery, from the gallery edit page. This appears as a Gallery Usage block in the top right corner. If you are already using the gallery in another page, then this will be indicated instead.

Other features include Retina Thumbnail support, where you can select the pixel density you would like your gallery to support. Lazy Loading ensures images are only loaded once a user scrolls down to them – this reduces page load times and benefits the user. Plus FooGallery Free comes with Pagination: the pages are indicated by dots.

FooGallery PRO

The PRO version of FooGallery comes with all of the above, and more. Along with the gallery templates that you get with FooGallery Free, you also the Polaroid, Slider and Grid PRO templates. You also get more advanced Pagination options: numbering, a ‘Load more’ option, or you can select Infinite Scroll.

FooGallery PRO includes multiple Loaded effects (the effect that is used only once a thumbnail has loaded), along with a selection of predesigned hover effect presets. These give you even more range when it comes to designing your perfect gallery. Plus, with the hover effect presets, everything is already done for you. Below is an example of one of these presets: Sadie.

FooGallery Hover effect Preset Sadie
FooGallery PRO Hover Effect Preset

With the addition of media categories and tags, the PRO version also allows for Gallery Filtering. Your users can sort your galleries according to the tags or categories you add to your images. This makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for in longer galleries. You can set the gallery to filter by tags or categories and you can adjust the styling for the filtering.

FooGallery Pro filtering with media tags and categories
FooGallery PRO Filtering

FooGallery PRO includes Video as part of the package. This feature allows you to create video galleries, or use videos alongside images in your gallery. You can easily import videos from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo or DaiilyMotion.

FooGallery PRO also allows you to load galleries from other sources. So instead of loading images from the media library, you can now add galleries quickly from sources like Media Tags, Adobe Lightroom, Real Media Library and other sources.

Some other great features that come with FooGallery PRO include the bulk copy metabox, which allows you to copy a gallery’s settings to all other galleries or a select number of galleries. Plus there’s the WordPress Gallery override. This lets you override all standard WP gallery shortcodes with a FooGallery.

Here’s a quick guide to FooGallery Free vs Pro:

FooGallery Free vs Pro features
Free vs PRO

Pricing Options

What are you waiting for? With all of these features it simply makes sense to use FooGallery as your WordPress Media Gallery. If you haven’t tried it out yet, then download the free version here.

If you’re looking to upgrade, there are 3 options for you. The Personal Plan costs $59 and you can use the plugin on one site. For $109, the Multiplan, you’re able to use FooGallery PRO on up to five sites. For use on up to 25 sites, there is the Business Plan, which will cost you $199.

Whether you’re starting with FooGallery Free or upgrading to FooGallery PRO, you’ll find tons of features to help you create the best WordPress media Gallery.