Manager & Author

I have been working in the WordPress space for many years, contributing content to FooPlugins, while managing the business. I studied English at University and worked as a content writer and editor before joining the FooPlugins team. I have always enjoyed reading and writing, and thought I would try my hand at writing for websites – one thing lead to another, and I took over the content side of our website.

But I was not very tech-savvy when I started (and I’m definitely not a developer), so WordPress has been a learning curve for me. However, this also gives me a unique perspective – I can relate to how beginners or ‘new-to-WordPress’ users feel when using plugins. So when it comes to our plugins, we can use my ‘beginner’ experience to see how we can improve on our offering.

A lot of the articles I write have focused on helping other WordPress ‘newbies’ understand how to use our plugins, and WordPress in general, to improve their own sites or image galleries.

Tam Vincent

Some of Tam’s top articles: