Embedding a single YouTube video in WordPress is much easier these days than it used to be. Because WordPress has built-in oEmbed support for YouTube, you simply paste a YouTube video url into the Visual Editor and it will be embedded automatically. But what if you want to create and display an entire YouTube video gallery in WordPress?

Creating a YouTube Video Gallery

There are several video gallery plugins available, but this tutorial will show you how to create a YouTube video gallery in WordPress using our free FooGallery plugin along with our premium FooVideo extension.

The FooVideo extension allows you to create FooGalleries using videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Daily Motion, and even self-hosted (or custom) video sources.

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to create a YouTube video gallery in WordPress in 6 easy steps.

Step 1 – Install and Activate FooGallery

Install FooGallery if you haven’t already. It’s free. You can search for FooGallery from within your WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New -> Search

Install FooGallery Plugin
Search and Add FooGallery Plugin

Click Install and Activate.

You’re now able to create beautiful image galleries using any of the built-in gallery display templates. Demos here if you’re not familiar.

Step 2 – Get the FooVideo extension for FooGallery

FooVideo is a premium extension for FooGallery and you can get it here.

Once purchased, download the FooVideo plugin .zip file and install it by visiting Plugins -> Add New -> Upload

Install FooVideo for WordPress YouTube Video Galleries

Click Activate and then visit FooGallery -> Add Gallery just like you were going to create an image gallery. You can also mix and match images and videos in your gallery.

Create a new FooGallery YouTube Gallery

Click the Add Media button and you’ll see the familiar WordPress Media Library screen with the addition of a new Video tab.

Click the Video tab and you’ll see three choices – YouTube, Vimeo and Other Video.

Step 3 – Use the YouTube search field to start finding videos to add to your gallery

YouTube video search in WordPress

After searching, you’ll see a list of results. Simply click any result (or multiple results) that you want added to your YouTube video gallery and click the Add Media button. I’ve chosen two below, indicated by the blue highlighted border around the thumbnail image.

YouTube search results in WordPress

FooVideo will add the selected YouTube videos to your FooGallery.

YouTube videos added to gallery in WordPress

It also automatically pulls in the thumbnails, titles, captions, alt text and descriptions. This is important because having this information with your images and video is great for SEO.

YouTube video gallery in WordPress meta data

You can edit this text manually or stick with the information that FooVideo has automatically pulled in for you.

Step 4 – Choose your gallery display template and associated settings

FooGallery comes bundled with several gallery display templates and FooVideo adds even more. Any template can be used for your WordPress YouTube gallery.

WordPress YouTube video gallery templates

After selecting your preferred template, you’ll find additional display settings below like spacing, alignment, thumbnail size, hover effects and icons, and even the option to load your videos inside our Free or Pro FooBox responsive lightbox popup.

Step 5 РPublish your YouTube video gallery in WordPress

After you’ve decided on the look and feel of your video gallery display, click the Publish button to save it.

Publish YouTube video gallery in WordPress

After Publishing your video gallery, you’ll be able to simply copy/paste the gallery shortcode into any post or page.

You’ll also see a new option to automatically create a gallery page. This option will create a Draft page using the name of your gallery as the title and automatically insert the gallery shortcode.¬†It’s a nice shortcut if you’re creating several galleries and pages in one sitting.

Create a YouTube video gallery page in WordPress

Step 6 – Publish your YouTube video gallery page!

This is what my example video gallery looks like using the default display template with thumbnails set at 150px by 150px and using the play button overlay.

Example YouTube video gallery in WordPress

The display options are almost limitless. Change the template, the thumbnail size, the hover effects and more to tweak your YouTube video gallery to match your theme layout.

You can get FooGallery here and FooVideo here.

To see even more examples of our gallery templates, check out the demos here.

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