Your WordPress site needs a video gallery plugin! We all know that images are good, but the stats show that video is fast becoming one of the most popular marketing tools. Read on to find out what some of these stats are and, more importantly, what they mean for video and your WordPress site.

The future of video

The numbers are in! More and more people are using video to get the results that they want. While images and graphics add to the visual content of your site and make your content more memorable, they simply don’t have the same appeal as video content.

Video content is taking up an increasingly large percentage of internet traffic (reaching an estimated 80% of all traffic by 2019). More people want to watch video, choosing this medium over text more often. Plus, small business owners say that using video has an impact on their business. Have a look at more of these insights and stats at Hubspot.

It’s easy to understand why video is becoming such an essential marketing tool. It’s a great way to communicate with your audience. It engages people and provides ‘face-to-face’ interaction. It is easier to explain things on video (especially with the use of additional images, infographics, body language and emotion) than it is through text alone.

Add to this the number of people watching videos on a daily basis. That’s 8 billion on Facebook and 10 billion on Snapchat. This means more shares when posting to your social channels. This adds to your traffic, giving you a wider market and greater exposure.

With its increasing popularity, it’s safe to say that video isn’t going anywhere. It is the medium of choice for many a marketing strategy, and it has a bigger impact on your audience. The question now is how can you make the most of video for your WordPress blog?

If you have a WordPress Site, you should be using a video gallery plugin. Video blogs are an excellent way to market your site and connect with your audience. People watching videos are more likely to stay on your site longer, and social media posts that make use of video garner more interaction.

If you have a DIY blog, video can be used to provide clear instructions. Instructions that you see and hear are easier to remember than written instructions. So, if they’re easier to use, you can be sure your audience will be back for more. This all results in better traffic.

Making and editing your own videos is becoming simpler as well. All you need then is a video gallery plugin through which to publish and showcase your videos. FooGallery is the solution.

FooGallery includes video, allowing you to display one or more videos in a gallery. You can load your videos onto your site or paste the URL from YouTube or Vimeo, and the plugin will add the video (with metadata) for you. You can load the URL’s for videos on Facebook, DailyMotion and other sources. This means that you can keep your videos on YouTube, avoiding using up additional space on your website.

Don’t get left behind. Start your video marketing today, with FooGallery.