Using a photo gallery on your DIY blog can give you an advantage. Whether you blog about a DIY project, craft or hobby, using good quality images can set you apart from the competition. Here are our reasons for using one.

There are thousands of DIY blogs and websites available online. From home projects to decorating, from gardening to sewing, if you can do it yourself, someone has probably blogged about it. So you need a way to make your blog stand out above the rest.

A lot of people are visual thinkers. They think in, and understand, pictures. If you can use your images to showcase your DIY projects, then you can appeal to a bigger audience.

Using an image gallery isn’t just good for showcasing your projects. It also makes it easier for your readers to do it for themselves. Step-by-step images can quickly and easily demonstrate how to recreate the project at home. And if it’s easy for your readers, they’ll come back to try out other ideas.

Good quality, creative and interesting images will entice your readers. They’ll want to try out the project, order the patterns or download the instructions. All of which results in better traffic for your blog. It also means that your readers will be more likely to share your images – spreading the word and your blog.

You can make a gallery on WordPress without the plugins. But this isn’t going to give you as much functionality. Using a free plugin like FooGallery is a better option.

FooGallery is a photo gallery which can be used to display images, create albums and show videos. Plus, if you’re using it with FooBox, you can also create a slideshow. You can add captions to your images as well.

We recommend using the Image Viewer Gallery template, which displays your photos beautifully on the page.  Image titles appear on each photo. When your readers click on the image, it appears in a responsive lightbox with a detailed description at the bottom. This makes it an ideal choice for DIY blogs, where you want to give your readers the information they need as they look at the photo.

Here’s a quick example of how you can use this template…

So if you want to display your images beautifully and give your readers easy-to-use visual instructions, using a photo gallery like FooGallery is a must.

Install FooGallery from within WordPress by going to Dashboard–>Plugins–>Add New and searching “FooGallery” or download here.