This page was created for legacy license holders, but specifically for FooBox Pro. We have migrated our license system over to Freemius.  Please enter your legacy license key in the form below. 

Legacy licenses are in the form of:   FXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

Legacy license migrations have been disabled from 11 March 2020

We announced the FooBox legacy license migration on 4 June 2019 and allowed 4 months for customers to take advantage of the license transfer.  All users of the legacy FooBox plugin were emailed and also shown a notice in their WordPress admin area advising them of the legacy license migration program.

In October 2019 we elected to extend the legacy license migration process for an additional 5 months to allow plenty of additional time for any remaining legacy license holders to transfer their license to the new system. 

As of 11 March 2020 the FooBox legacy license migration offer has now ended. 

No more legacy licenses will be migrated over to Freemius. Instead, you will need to purchase a new license for FooBox PRO.

Please contact us if you would like a discount coupon.

Important Notes: 

  1. Setting your Freemius account email address (or changing it)
  2. Read this if you can’t find your legacy license key

Your Freemius Account Email Address

When you install and activate your new Freemius Pro Plugin license for the first time your Freemius account will be set up using the WordPress admin email address of the website you first activate the license on.   Sometimes this can be a different email address to your original legacy license email address.  

If you would like the email address for your Freemius account to be something else you have two options: 

  1.  Change your WordPress admin email address temporarily to the email address you would like to use to log into your Freemius account before activating Freemius FooBox Pro for the first time. 
  2. Change your Freemius account email address after activating for the first time. 
FooBox Change Email Address

Once your email address has been changed it will become the email address you log into your Freemius customer account with at

Can’t find your license key?

Please first try searching your past email for purchase receipts from or 

If you are still unable to find your legacy FooBox Pro license key, please visit our support page and open support request using the FooBox Pro option as show below. 

foo plugins support options