FooBox from FooPlugins is a mobile-ready responsive lightbox plugin that can be used on your WordPress site. FooBox gives you the capability to add beautiful images to your site, either as part of a gallery or as a stand-alone lightbox. Here’s why you should be using this handy tool on your WordPress Site.

FooBox is a responsive mobile-friendly WordPress lightbox plugin
FooBox Image Lightbox

Built-in Features of FooBox

FooBox is a responsive lightbox which means you can use it across devices, from phones to tablets to computers. The image adjusts automatically to fit a smaller screen. This is a huge benefit in ensuring your site is mobile-friendly.

You can now also choose to include or exclude all FooBox assets on a page – a feature only recently available with FooBox Free. Plus, this lightbox plugin works with WordPress galleries and WordPress captioned images. You can add captions to your images and, for FooBox Pro, to your videos, html and iFrames.

Get More with FooBox Pro

FooBox Pro does come with several additional features. To start with, you get social sharing on over 10 networks. Each image has a unique deeplink URL, enabling you to share individual images on your social platforms. Clicking on this link will take you to that specific image, which will open in FooBox on your page.

FooBox Pro isn’t only a lightbox for images though. You can add video to FooBox. Or add html to create, for example, a newsletter sign-up form. FooBox also supports iFrames, meaning you can open a different website in a lightbox. These are all useful features in ensuring your users stay on your site, instead of being redirected to a new page or a different website.

Other cool features that come with FooBox are the Fullscreen and Slideshow modes. There is a Metro lightbox style. Plus there are a range of color schemes, icons and customizable settings – giving you the versatility you need to personalize your lightbox.

On top of all this, FooBox supports many of the popular WordPress gallery plugins, including FooGallery!

Have a look at this awesome lightbox plugin for yourself. You can start with FooBox Free (which includes a free 7-day trial of FooBox Pro) or compare your options with FooBox Pro.