The latest FooGallery update integrates this media plugin with Freemius. So what does that mean?

FooGallery update 1.3.6

The latest update comes with a number of new features. The most significant of the these is that FooGallery now integrates with Freemius. We’ll go over just why that’s important in a moment.

Other new features include the added support for the Responsive Lightbox by dFactory. There is a new custom class field for an attachment. Plus, we’ve added more system info for better debugging when there are server issues.

There are also a few fixes in this update. These include the visual editor FooGallery edit button. The ‘Image Viewer hover effect none’ now works as expected. And we’ve disabled HTML caching for randomly ordered galleries.

So what’s the deal with Freemius?

Freemius allows developers to sell distributed software subscriptions. As it says on Freemius, “Commercializing distributed software is 10x more complex and time consuming than building the product itself”. Essentially, they take care of the commercial side of things.

Going this route comes with plenty of benefits for developers. Freemius provides a billing system. It automatically updates software, while at the same time providing access control based on the license held by the customer. Developers can also track the usage of their software.

Freemius also makes it easier for users to upgrade to a pro version, should they wish to do so. And here’s why that matters…

FooGallery Pro coming soon

Yes, you heard that correctly. We’re excited to announce that FooGallery Pro will be launching soon. We’ve made the move to Freemius now, so that when FooGallery Pro arrives, upgrading will be simple for our users.

FooGallery Pro promises to be a better, easier-to-use version of the plugin you already love. It comes with new features as well.