FooGallery Documentation


FooGallery was designed to be the most developer-friendly gallery plugin available for WordPress.

It was also built on top of a solid extension framework, which means different functionality is separated out into different areas in the codebase. It also means the core plugin is lightweight, but still allowing for the most flexibility.

Plugin Developers Can Build Extensions

At the heart of FooGallery is an extension framework. But we did not build this extension framework as an afterthought.

Instead, the core components of FooGallery are actually running as bundled extensions.

This means we made sure that you can basically customize any existing parts of FooGallery. We also made sure it is really easy to build an extension.

FooGallery extensions are, in essence, just WordPress plugins that hook into our extension API.

Read our FooGallery Developer 101 documentation and start building extensions to make FooGallery even more awesome.

Oh, and did you know, you can generate boilerplate extensions directly within the FooGallery Extensions page in your WordPress admin. Now that is something you don’t see everyday!

Theme Developers Can Build Gallery Templates

You can also build in support for FooGallery directly into your theme. Our smart templating engine looks for template files (.php, .js & .css) within your theme first, and then within FooGallery extensions.

This means you can bundle gallery templates into your theme code and have full control.

Actions & Filters

There are 80+ actions and filters to hook into within FooGallery. This means you can basically change or override every way in which FooGallery works and functions.