If you’re looking to sell products online, then you need to use good images and a good image gallery. FooGallery offers you all the features you need to create spectacular product galleries for your eCommerce site.

Using an Image Gallery to Sell Products Online

It is estimated that over 1.6 billion people worldwide purchased something online in 2017! This number is expected to grow to 2.14 billion in 2021. While this means that there is a huge opportunity to sell products online, it also means that there is plenty of competition.

A good image gallery can help your products stand out, giving you a competitive edge. Your images can improve customer experience and they can make it easier for customers to get a feel of the product.

But there are some things you need to remember. Your images need to be good quality – a high resolution image can make all the difference when trying to create a good impression of a product. A grainy depiction of your hand-stitched clothing is unlikely to inspire anybody to hit ‘buy’.

Your image gallery should also give multiple views of your product. This will give your customers a better, more accurate idea of what they’re ordering. Apart from creating an overall better experience, this can also help decrease the number of returned products. The more accurately a product is portrayed, the less likely it is that a customer will send it back.

Provide as much detail as possible. Use your image gallery to show different angles, or zoom in to show details. Demonstrate scale – place your handmade jewellery on a model or give accurate measurements with your images. Use a video to demonstrate the features or uses of your product. And make use of captions and descriptions.

Using FooGallery to Sell Your Products

FooGallery is a good choice for an eCommerce image gallery. It comes with the features you need to make the most of your images and is simple to customise. You can easily adjust the settings for your thumbnails and choose the best gallery template for your needs.

Customers can click on the thumbnails to see the larger images, which will open in a lightbox. This works well if you’re using FooBox Media Lightbox, which automatically recognises WooCommerce product images.

FooGallery comes standard with Drag n Drop Reordering, making it easy to place your product images in the best possible sequence. Plus there are a range of gallery templates for you to choose from; the Responsive, Masonry and Single Thumbnail gallery templates would all work well for eCommerce.

Other useful features include the caption and description customisation options. Lazy loading ensures that your bigger galleries don’t take too long to load, and don’t use up your customers’ data unnecessarily. And there are various retina image support settings for your thumbnails.

FooGallery’s Video feature also allows you to add video to your albums alongside your images. This is a great addition when using an image gallery to sell products online. Not only will you be able to add product images, but you can also include demo videos.

So if you’re selling online, you should be using an image gallery. FooGallery’s many features make it an easy choice. Try it for yourself.