13 Free Photography Plugins for WordPress

Free Photography Plugins for WordPress

Are you a photographer? Do you have a WordPress site? Here are 13 free photography plugins for WordPress that you should be using. These are geared towards optimizing your site’s performance and your business, while ensuring your customers see your photos in the best light possible. We’ve checked out these plugins on WordPress.org and they’ve all been updated within the last few months. They all come with a good rating and they’re compatible with WordPress 5.0.3. Gallery & Lightbox Every photography site needs a gallery. FooGallery is an ideal solution, particularly because it eliminates the need for so many other … Read more…

How To Use FooGallery With Gutenberg

Using FooGallery with Gutenberg

FooGallery is compatible with Gutenberg. The WordPress block editor is now part of the WordPress core. While you can still use the classic editor with WordPress, it is likely that this will fall away after a while.  So if you’re not already using Gutenberg, it won’t be to be too long before you are. Luckily for you, FooGallery works with Gutenberg, giving you a live preview of the gallery in the editor itself. As Gutenberg has such a strong emphasis on visual composition, seeing your gallery in the post will be a huge advantage. The live preview will help you … Read more…

FooGallery Pro Now Includes Video Gallery Features

FooGallery discount notice

Today we’re excited to announce that FooGallery Pro now includes the ability to create video galleries with YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and more including self-hosted videos.

Actually, FooGallery has always supported the creation of video galleries through the use of an extension named FooVideo. As we wrote about here, it made more sense for our users and our business to merge the features and benefits of FooVideo into our FooGallery Pro plugin and has now happened.

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News: FooVideo Will Be Merged Into FooGallery Pro


We released our FooVideo extension for FooGallery almost three years ago. It was the direct result of feedback from users of our FooGallery and FooBox plugins. By far, the number one request was for us to create an easy way to create video galleries in FooGallery. We’re proud to have accomplished that with FooVideo, complete with YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and more services supported, even self-hosted videos in various formats. Today we’re excited to share the news that FooVideo will be merged with our FooGallery Pro plugin. Why? Put simply, our product offerings became fragmented and that needs to be corrected. FooGallery and FooVideo together … Read more…

How To Add Hover Effects To Your Image Gallery

How To Add Hover Effects To Your Image Gallery with FooGallery

FooGallery Free and FooGallery PRO both come with hover effects for your thumbnails. You can put these to good use on your image galleries; here’s how. Hover Effects and How They’re Handy The Hover Effect is the animation that appears when you hover over a thumbnail in your image gallery. The thumbnail might change appearance, zoom in, go grey or change color. This is useful because it helps identify the thumbnail over which you’re hovering. More than that, though, it can provide additional information. With FooGallery’s hover effects you can add an icon to encourage your visitors to click on or … Read more…

FooGallery: How to Add Captions to your Image Gallery

FooGallery how to add captions to image gallery

FooGallery makes it easy to add captions to your image gallery. Available on both the Free and Pro versions, the caption settings on FooGallery allow you to choose a title and a description for your thumbnails. Here we show you just how easy it is. Add Images to Your Gallery The first step is loading images to your gallery. This may sound obvious, but the important part of this step is in labelling your images. When you add images to your gallery, you’ll be able to fill in the Title, Caption, Alt Text and Description for each image. You can … Read more…

Why You Need to Use a WordPress Gallery Plugin

Why you need to use a WordPress Gallery Plugin

WordPress comes standard with its own media and gallery options, but it’s a good idea to use a WordPress Gallery Plugin nonetheless. The WordPress Gallery option When loading posts or pages to your site, WordPress gives you the option to add media. You can add images, giving each a caption, title, alt text and description, much like a gallery plugin will do. You’ll also be able to fiddle with settings like alignment and image size. In the same way, you can create a gallery on WordPress without using a plugin. The gallery will open on a new page, or you … Read more…

FooGallery is the best NextGen Alternative

FooGallery is the Best NextGen Alternative

The NextGen gallery plugin recently had some trouble with PHP 7 compatibility, and we had a lot of people asking how they can migrate hundreds of galleries that they had created using NextGen, into a good alternative, like FooGallery. It turns out this is really simple and effortless to do, using the NextGen Importer extension, which comes bundled with FooGallery and is also free! NextGen is not for everyone, so if you want to move to an alternative, then FooGallery is a great choice. How to migrate from NextGen to FooGallery Follow these simple steps to migrate your galleries from … Read more…