FooGallery and FooBox have both just been updated!

The most important thing you need to know is that the latest updates have been tested up to WordPress 5.1. This will ensure that both FooBox and FooGallery will continue working smoothly once you’ve updated WordPress.

For both FooGallery and FooBox there have been general maintenance updates and a lot of edge-case bug fixes, specifically with certain notched iPhones.

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New in FooBox PRO

FooBox WordPress Lightbox

Two exciting new additions to FooBox PRO include being able to open a FooGallery in FooBox and overriding the WooCommerce V3 lightbox. Here’s a closer look at these two new features.

Opening a Gallery in FooBox PRO

You have always been able to open inline HTML in FooBox. This has allowed you to include items like mail subscriptions or notifications in a lightbox. But now you will be able to open FooGallery galleries by using the gallery shortcode in your html.

Click here to see FooGallery open in FooBox

The above demo uses a Responsive Image Gallery.

We have put together a detailed doc outlining how to do this yourself. You can follow these steps to learn on how to open your FooGallery in FooBox. Alternatively, you can simply edit and add the below HTML code snippets to your page.

The ‘a’ tag: <a href=”fooboxgallery” target=”foobox” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Add your wording here</a>

The div: <div id=”fooboxgallery” style=”display: none;”>[Insert gallery shortcode here]</div>

If you’ve just created a gallery, you can simply click on the shortcode and paste it into the code. To find the shortcode of an existing gallery, go to the Galleries page from your menu. The shortcode for each gallery is in the second to last column.

If the size of the gallery isn’t what you’re looking for, you will need to add data-width and data-height attributes to the anchor tag to make the lightbox bigger when it opens.

If you’re using Gutenberg, you can use the Custom HTML blocks to add the code to your post.

Overriding WooCommerce with FooBox PRO

FooBox PRO can now also override the WooCommerce lightbox. If you have WooCommerce V3 installed, then FooBox PRO will show you a new option called “Override Woocommerce Lightbox”. By selecting this, you will be able to override the WooCommerce plugin for all of your product images.

Alternatively, if you want to change the settings for individual images – that is, you don’t want to disable the WooCommerce lightbox and zoom across your site, rather just on individual images, then we recommend using the WooCommerce Product Image Gallery Options plugin.

Coming Soon…

You may be interested to know that we’re adding something new to FooGallery PRO to liven up your galleries! Watch this space.

Let us know what features you want to see. Add a comment to the top card in our public Trello board.

We’ll continue working on new features for FooBox and FooGallery. In the meantime, don’t miss out on these new features: update or go PRO.

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