Missing Social Media / Navigation Icons

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Missing Social Media / Navigation Icons

FooBox Customers occasionally report that their FooBox social media icons and lightbox navigation icons are missing. 

In almost all cases this is due to the WordPress theme or another plugin making use of CSS that inappropriately overrides the FooBox CSS styles used to display the icons.  

An example of this is custom CSS that forces a specific font for anchor links.

CSS styles for navigation links causing the font-icons used by FooBox not to be displayed. 

	a {
	   font-family: 'Komikax '!important;

Our recommended solution is to add the following custom CSS to your site:

	.fbx-modal a {
	   font-family: foobox !important;

You can add this to the end of your theme’s style.css file. If you are using FooBox PRO, there is section on the settings page under JS & CSS to add custom CSS.

If you still have the issue and the theme is not the source of the conflict, then temporarily deactivate other plugins on your site until you find the one that is overriding the FooBox CSS styles.