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Other Lightbox Showing

Fancybox (or another lightbox) Opens Behind FooBox

Other lightbox plugins are integrated tightly into some themes and plugins (like WooCommerce). Firstly, it is best to try to disable them from your theme’s or plugin’s option page, but if you cannot then FooBox might be able to help.

Under the “Advanced” tab in FooBox’s settings, check the following setting “Disable Other Lightboxes”.

We have built in code that tries to remove the following plugins if they are tightly integrated into your theme with no option to disable or turn them off:

  • prettyPhoto
  • FancyBox
  • FancyZoom
  • ColorBox
  • MagnificPopup

Another Lightbox Still Shows?

There are some cases where a lightbox is integrated so tightly with the theme itself that our FooBox advanced settings can’t override it. It is possible to go into your theme files and comment out the script that loads the lightbox. The problem with doing that is every time your theme gets updated that change will get over-written and you’ll have to go and do it again.

The best option would be to contact your theme developer and ask them to build in a setting which allows you to disable the built-in lightbox.