Loading Galleries from Instagram

FooGallery Pro gives you the ability to load galleries from other sources, one of which is Instagram. This feature allows you to create galleries that display the images from your Instagram posts.

How To Load A Gallery From Instagram

This feature comes built into FooGallery Pro. It’s an easy-to-use tool, but in order to create a gallery this way you will need a public Instagram account.

To begin, go to FooGallery –> Add Gallery. Here you will be able to select where you want to load the gallery from. You need to choose Add From Another Source.

Add from Another Source

You’ll now see a selection of sources from which you can load your gallery. Choose Instagram. Once selected, you’ll be able to add the Instagram account name and the number of images you would like your gallery to display.

Loading galleries from Instagram

You’ll also see a message here, saying that private accounts will not work. If the account you want to use is private, you’ll need to change this in your Instagram settings. To do this, open up your Instagram account and goto Settings –> Privacy. Find the Instagram Privacy Setting and set it to Public.

Instagram Privacy Settings

FooGallery is now able to pull in images from your Instagram account. You can choose to display up to 50 images in your gallery, but here is a look at the gallery preview, showing just 10 images.

instagram gallery settings

This is using a Responsive Image Gallery, but you can adjust the gallery template and settings as you would for any other gallery. As the images tend to all be the same size though, templates like the Responsive Image Gallery, Simple Portfolio and Polaroid Pro work better.

Notes on Instagram Galleries

Your gallery will use the captions for your Instragram posts as the captions in your gallery. You can limit the length of these in the Captions tab of your gallery settings.

If you have multiple images in a single Instagram post, only the first image will display in the gallery. The gallery will accommodate video, so videos in your Instagram feed will play once opened in the lightbox, from the gallery.

Adding images to your Instagram feed will automatically add them to your Instagram gallery. However, as the galleries are cached, this may take up to 24 hours. You can make the change reflect immediately by updating the gallery in your WP admin, which will force the cache to clear.