FooGallery – A Better WordPress Gallery Plugin

Last night we released FooGallery, our answer to a gallery plugin for WordPress. Learn more about FooGallery on the landing page at or download for free here now.

FooGallery - Best Gallery Plugin for WordPress

What Is FooGallery?

FooGallery is the first free WordPress gallery plugin built specifically to allow developers and designers to extend it’s functionality.

Why We Built (Another) WordPress Gallery Plugin

The development of FooGallery has been a labor of love for almost 10 months by our entire team. The development cycle went approximately like this:

  • Discussed our dissatisfaction with existing free and paid gallery plugins during team meetings
  • The question was asked: “Should we just build our own?”
  • Brad built a proof of concept
  • Feedback and features requests galore on a Trello board
  • The question was asked: “How do we differentiate FooGallery from the rest?”
  • We decided to focus on Free and Highly Extensible
  • FooGallery sat in it’s GitHub repo for several months while we enhanced FooBox and released FooBox Free (and scoped a secret project)
  • We migrated our suite of domains and individual sites to SiteGround (and saved our business in the process…more details in an upcoming post)
  • A moment to reflect and then…

Back to Building New Products

We made a team decision to make 2014 the “Year of Media” for FooPlugins, and along with FooBox, our FooGallery plugin is an integral part of that business plan.

Make no mistake. FooGallery is Free and will always be, but it is part of our business in the sense that it enhances our other products very directly.

After all, what good is the best lightbox plugin in the world when it has to depend on lackluster gallery plugins?

It makes more sense to also provide the strongest and most stable gallery solution so our users can benefit from both solutions.

We Invite You To Get Involved

As we said, FooGallery was designed to be extended. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get started building your own extensions by including the “Build Your Own” extension boilerplate generator right from within the plugin.

In other words, plop in some basic information, click Create, and you’ll be presented with a .zip file containing a plugin with some default code to get you started fast.

We think that’s pretty cool and the feedback from developers in the last 12 hours has confirmed it.

You can read all about FooGallery and how to get involved on Foo.Gallery right now.

What’s Next for our Year of Media?

We have something coming so epic, so different, and so useful to millions of WordPress users that it pains me to not spill the beans just yet.

I know that statement sounds like some hyped up marketing fodder, but trust me. It’s not.

What I can tell you is this…

I’ve been working with WordPress since just after it became “WordPress” in 2004. I’ve experienced the same pain point for all these years when writing blog posts, tutorials, and creating pages.

I wrote a “product wishlist” email to our team asking if what I needed/wanted all these years was even possible.

What I can tell you is that Brad and Steve are amazing developers…

I’ve seen it.

It’s coming.

And it will change the content creation workflow for millions of WordPress users.

Not hype, just pure unadulterated excitement. I cannot wait to show you!

7 thoughts on “FooGallery – A Better WordPress Gallery Plugin”

  1. Sounds good, I sure hope this next plugin is much better media management features, like tagging and categorising of wordpress media in the Media Library. This is painfully long overdue for wordpress core. If your announcement isnt this, but you know of another plugin that does a great job at improving the media library and works well. PLEASE DO reply to my comment.

  2. Awesome gallery plugin! Beautiful, easy to use and extendable!

    Not sure if I will get around to it but it would be great if FooGallery could also work by embedding selected images or albums from Flickr, SmugMug etc.

  3. Breaking prototype scripts when enabled, it doesn’t use jQuery noConflict mode for safety. Any idea how/were to fix this? Thanks!

  4. Hi,
    I am looking for a possibility to add one of my albums to my frontpage, similar to newspaper sites like or
    I’ve only found the way to use a shortcode on a page already.

    I guess there should be a way to solve the problem: using the function. Until I am not a php-secialist I do need help to find the function.

    Is there anybody able to help?

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FooGallery - A Better WordPress Gallery Plugin