Here at FooPlugins, we’re working on something new. In fact, we’re working on two new plugins: FooTable and FooNotify.

FooTable vs FooNotify

The idea behind FooTable is to provide a table plugin that allows you to create and customize pre-styled tables. We’re looking at including data, pricing and feature comparison tables. Plus you’ll be able to import data from external sources. Best of all: the tables you generate will be responsive.

With FooNotify we want to give you the ability to keep your users notified without annoying them. To this end, there will be different styles of notifications, such as bars and popups. You can then use these to notify clients about sales or promotions, generate some FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), or stop potential clients from leaving your site.

Battle of the Plugins

Now you might ask why work on two at the same time? Well, over the past few months, we’ve been updating and improving our website. In the process, we’ve been looking for, and trying out, a few other WordPress plugins. They all do the job. But they don’t do it quite as well as we would like.

This is probably true for any plugin – we use plugins to satisfy a particular need. But, obviously, they aren’t always designed for that one, specific purpose.

But this can be frustrating. Tables aren’t responsive or, if they are, they aren’t easily customizable or versatile. They’re created for a certain use, and therefore can’t accommodate other uses. Notifications are annoying in their persistence, or intrusive in the way in which they’re displayed. They may also be designed for one purpose and subsequently lack versatility.

After encountering some of these frustrations, we thought about how we would do it. Particularly, we wanted to create versatile plugins that cater to the users’ needs. Ones that are easy to customize (similar to FooGallery).

But you’re right! It’s crazy to develop two plugins at once. And while we might be a little crazy at times (like on Black Friday) we thought it best to find out what you needed! After all, we can’t cater to our users if we don’t know what you need.

Tell Us What You Need!

So we’ve created a survey and, if you have a few minutes, we would really appreciate your input. Plus we’ll be offering our survey participants some great specials.